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Phillips Georgia Legion-Infantry Battalion
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The Phillips Legions Infantry Battalion formed the infantry component of this Georgia unit. As originally organized in 1861 the Legion contained six infantry companies (A-F) and four Cavalry companies. During the spring of 1862, three new infantry companies, (L,M, & O), were recruited in Cobb and Bartow counties and added to the infantry Battalion. These nine companies, retaining their original company designations, served throughout the remainder of the war. Like almost all Civil War Legions, the infantry and cavalry battalions of the unit were separated not long after the unit was accepted into active service. 
As was the case with almost all Civil War units the Infantry Legion was frequently known by an alternate designation derived from the name of its commanding officer. Names of this type used by or for the unit are: 

William Phillips Infantry 
Seaborn Jones, Jr.s Infantry 
Joseph Hamiltons Infantry 
Robert T. Cooks Infantry 
E. Sandy Barclays Infantry 
John S. Norris Infantry 

Shortly after being mustered into Confederate service the unit was ordered to the mountains of western Virginia (todays West Virginia) to serve in the Army of the Kanawha under General Floyd. The unit endured brutal winter weather and disease until December 16, 1861 when it was ordered to South Carolina. The unit, now expanded with the addition of companies L, M, and O, next served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. In July of 1862 the Battalion returned to Virginia as part of Thomas Draytons mixed Georgia, South Carolina brigade, joining the Army of Northern Virginia. It was reassigned to General T R R Cobbs Georgia brigade in November of 1862 and continued to serve with the ANV until the late summer of 1863 when it was moved west to Georgia along with two divisions of Longstreets Corps, serving in the Army of Tennessee at Chattanooga and later in the Department of East Tennessee during the Knoxville campaign. Returned to Virginia in April of 1864, the unit again served in the Army of Northern Virginia. In August of 1864, the unit joined the Army of the Valley District where it served in the Shenandoah Valley until November, 1864. Once again returned to the Army of Northern Virginia, the Battalion served in that army for the duration of the war. 

Specific higher command assignments of the unit are: 
Oct. 16, 1861-Floyds Brigade, Army of the Kanawha. 
Nov. 12, 1861-First Brigade, Army of the Kanawha. 
May 15, 1862-Attached, Sixth Military District of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. 
June 1, 1862-Attached, Fourth Military Dist. of South Carolina,Dept.of South Carolina,Georgia and Florida. 
July 17, 1862-Draytons Brigade,D.R. Jones Div., Longstreets command, ANV. 
Nov. 26,1862-Cobbs Brigade, McLaws Division, First Corps, ANV. 
May 1, 1863-Woffords Brigade, McLaws Division, First Corps, ANV. 
Dec. 31,1863-Woffords Brigade, McLaws Division, Department of East Tennessee. 
May 1, 1864-Woffords Brigade, Kershaws Division, First Corps, ANV. 
Aug.31,1864-Woffords Brigade, Kershaws Division, Second Corps, Army of the Valley District. 
Apr. 1, 1865-DuBoses Brigade, Kershaws Division, First Corps, ANV. 

Phillips Legion, Georgia Volunteers---Col. William Phillips in command. 
Cavalry Battalion- Lt. Col. William Rich 
Co. A-"DuBignon Cavalry" "Governors House Guards" Charles DuBignon, James H. Nichols-Cobb, Hall and Baldwin Counties. 
Company B- "Johnsons Rangers" William W. Rich, John F. Milhollin, Thomas G. Wilkes-Cobb and Bartow Counties. 
Company C- "Cherokee Dragoons" William B. C. Puckett, E. C. Hardin-Robert Leeper Young Long-Cherokee County. 
Company D- "Coweta Rangers" John B. Willcoxon, Hugh Buchanon- Coweta, Carroll and Bibb Counties. 
Company E- "Bibbs Cavalry" S.S. Dunlap, A. F. Hunter- Bibb County. 
Company F- W.W. Thomas- Coweta, Henry, Newton, and Carroll Counties. 
Company G- "Richmond Dragoons"- F.Edgeworth Eve- Richmond County. 

Infantry Battalion-- Col. Robert Thomas Cook, Lt. Col. Joseph Hamilton, Lt. Col. E. Sandy Barclay, Jr. 
Company A-"Green County Rifles" Phillip B. Robinson, Oliver P. Daniel, Frederick C. Fuller, Daniel B. Sanford- Green County. 
Company B-"Dalton Guards" Robert T. Cook, Thomas Hamilton- Whitfield County. 
Company C- Habersham County 
Company D-"Polk Rifles" Captain H. Frank Wimberly, John L. Dodd- Lt. Julius A. Peek- Polk County 
Company E-"Blue Ridge Rifles" Joseph Hamilton, William H. Barber, Hardy D. Price, Capt. Jesse M. McDonald- Lumpkin County 
Company F-"Lochrane Guards" Jackson Barnes, Patrick McGovern- Bibb County 
Company L-"Blackwell Volunteers" James M. Johnson, James F. Lowry- Cobb County 
Company M- James McClesky, Samuel Y. Harris- Cobb County 
Company O-"Marietta Guards" Thomas K. Sproull, Henry J. Mc Cormack- Cobb and Bartow Counties. 

Phillips Georgia Infantry Legion participated in more than fifty various engagements during its career: 

August 5, 1862 Engagement, Malvern Hill, Virginia 
August 30, 1862 2nd Manassas 
September 6-22, 1862 Maryland Campaign 
September 14, 1862 Foxs Gap (on South Mountain) 
September 16-17, 1862 Battle, Antietam (Sharpsburg), Maryland 
September 19-20, 1862 Skirmishes, Williamsport, Maryland 
October 26-November 10, 1862 Operations against Loudon, Faquir and Rappahannock Counties, Virginia 
December 12-15, 1862 Battle, Fredericksburg, Virginia 
April 27-May 6, 1863 Chancellorsville Campaign 
May 1-5, 1863 Battle Chancellorsville, Virginia 
June 3-August 1, 1863 Gettysburg Campaign 
July 1-3, 1863 Battle, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 
July 5-24, 1863 Retreat to near Manassas Gap, Virginia 
September 19-21, 1863 Battle, Chickamauga, Georgia 
October 28-29, 1863 Engagement, Wauhatchie, Tennessee 
November 14-December 23, 1863 Knoxville Campaign 
November 15, 1863 Skirmish, Little River, Tennessee 
November 17-December 4, 1863 Siege, Knoxville, Tennessee 
November 29, 1863 Assault, Forts Saunders and Loudon, Knoxville, Tennessee 
January 16-17, 1864 Operations about Dandridge, Tennessee 
January 17, 1864 Action, Dandridge, Tennessee 
January 26-28, 1864 Operations against Dandridge, Tennessee 
January 27, 1864 Engagement near Fair Garden, Tennessee 
May 4-June 12, 1864 Wilderness Campaign 
May 507, 1864 Battle, Wilderness, Virginia 
May 8, 1864 Battles, Spottsylvania Court House, Laurel Hill, Ny River, Fredericksburg Road, Virginia 
May 12, 1864 Assault on the Salient, Spottsylvania Court House, Virginia 
May 22-26, 1864 Operations on the line of the North Anna River, Virginia 
May 26-28, 1864 Operations on the line of the Pamunkey River, Virginia 
May 28-31, 1864 Operations on the line of the Totopotomoy River, Virginia 
June 1-12, 1864 Battle about Cold Harbor, Virginia 
June 16, 1864 Assault, Petersburg, Virginia 
June 16-August, 1864 Siege Operations against Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia 
June 18, 1864 Assault, Petersburg, Virginia 
July 27-29, 1864 Demonstrations on the North Side of the James River and engagements at Deep Bottom, (Darbytown Road), Strawberry Plains and New Market Road, Virginia 
July 28, 1864 Engagement, Malvern Hill, Virginia 
August 7-November 28, 1864 Operations against Sheridans Campaign in the Shenandoah Valley 
August 16,1864 Engagement, Cedarville, Guard Hill (Front Royal), Virginia 
September 2-3, 1864 Action, Bunker Hill, West Virginia 
September 19, 1864 Battle, Opequan, Winchester 
September 22, 1864 Fishers Hill, Woodstock, Virginia 
October 19,1864 Battle Cedar Creek, Middletown and Belle Grove, Virginia 
December 1864- April 2, 1865 Siege Operations against Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia 
March 28-April 9, 1865 Appomattox Campaign 
April 9, 1865 Engagement, Clover Hill, Appomattox Court House, Virginia 
April 9, 1865 Surrender, Appomattox Court House, Virginia 

An examination of the paroles granted at Appomattox Court House show 
that slightly more than ninety officers and enlisted men of Phillips 
Georgia Legion were still with the unit when it surrendered. 

Source: Confederate Research Center, Hillsboro, Texas