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Bryan Genealogy

Generation No. 1

       1. James2 Bryan (John1) was born December 24, 1791 in Ga., and died March 12, 1885 in Hall Co., GA. He married Elizabeth (Betsile) Cain October 10, 1818 in Franklin Co., GA. She was born January 21, 1800 in Ga, and died 1882 in Hall Co., GA.

Notes for James Bryan:
1880 Census list birth place as SC, other sources list NC. James was a farmer.


James Bryan. son of John and Nancy Bryan, was born on December 24. 1791 in Sumter County. Georgia. We don't know at what period of time he came to Franklin County with his parents. but he is placed there in 1813 by his war records.

James enlisted as a volunteer in the War with Great Britain and the Creek Indians in 1813. He served as a sergeant in the company commanded by Captain Benjamin Cleveland, Jr., in the 1st Regiment of the Georgia Militia, which was commanded by Colonel Samuel Groves. He volunteered and was mustered into serviced at Carnesville, Franklin County, on august 24, 1813, and originally signed up for a term of 6 months.

He was listed as present for the Muster Roll Call for the period ending September 30,1813, but is marked as absent with leave on the Muster Roll Call of March 3, 1814. with sickness given as the reason for his absence. The Company Pay Roll for August 1813, to March 1814, indicates that his service terminated on March 3.1814, and that he served a total of 6 months and 11 days. His pay was $11.00 per month. and he received a total of $74.08 for his war service.

James Bryan was honorable discharged at Fort Hawkins. Milledgeville. Georgia. on March 3.1814.

James met and married Elizabeth Cain on October 1.1818 in Franklin County. At one point they lived in Habersham County, then immediately moved to Lumpkin after the removal of the Cherokee Indians, James and Elizabeth settled in the northern part of Lumpkin County long before the courthouse was built or any plank houses. nothing but pine pole cabins.

They were listed in the Census of Lumpkin from the year 1840-1880. James farmed, while Elizabeth raised their 11 children.

Beside farming. James held the responsible trust, non-continuously, as one of the Justices of the Inferior Court of Lumpkin County; He was appointed by the Governor of the State of Georgia. During that time James witnessed the first person to be executed in Lumpkin County.

James went to live with his daughter, Parthena Ray, in Hall County after the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1882. He lived there until his death on March 12,1885. No grave site has been located for James or Elizabeth Bryan.

Submitted and Researched by: Carroll L. Ross. P.O. Box 1356. 130 Washington Ave., N.E. Suite 43. Athens. TN.

March 20, 1885, Dahlonega Signal: Col. James Bryan was born in Sumter County, Georgia, December 24th, 1791; died in Hall Co., Ga., March 12th, 1885, aged ninety-four years, two months, and sixteen days. Col. Bryan served in the War of 1812 and also in the Florida War; was commissioned Major of the 98th Batt. of Militia, January 28th, 1830, by Gov. George Gilmer, also commissioned Col. Of the 79th Reg. of Militia by Gov. Wilson Lumpkin, July 17, 1835. Moved to Lumpkin County immediately after the removal of the Cherokee Indians and held the responsible trust for several years of his life, by commission from the governor of the state, as one of the justices of the Inferior Court, About three years ago, he moved to his daughter's , Mrs. John Ray, to be cared for. During his illness, he expressed to his daughter and family, that he had made that peace that secured for him, a better life beyond. It can be said of him, as of David of old, that "He served his day and generation, and fell on sleep," leaving a large family of children scattered from Ga. to the west, and numerous grandchildren to mourn for him.

More About James Bryan and Elizabeth Cain:
Marriage: October 10, 1818, Franklin Co., GA
Children of James Bryan and Elizabeth Cain are:
       2       i.       Philip Oray Devalson3 Bryan, born September 21, 1817 in Franklin Co., GA; died 1919.
       3       ii.       Fatima F. (Fannile) Bryan, born July 24, 1819 in Franklin Co., GA or Habersham Co., GA; died Abt. 1920 in TN, NC or TX. She married John Westley (West) Walker 1834 in Ga; born Abt. 1820; died Unknown.

More About John Walker and Fatima Bryan:
Marriage: 1834, Ga

       4       iii.       Lucinda Bryan, born February 17, 1821 in Habersham Co., GA; died Unknown.
       5       iv.       Berrian Clark Bryan, born November 26, 1823 in Habersham Co., GA; died January 14, 1923 in Cain Creek, Lumpkin Co., GA. He married Berilla E. Free January 4, 1844 in Lumpkin County, GA; born August 3, 1828 in Hall Co., GA; died August 1, 1898 in Cain Creek, Lumpkin Co., GA.

Notes for Berrian Clark Bryan:
Occupation: Farmer

From the book, "Dahlonega's Blue Ridge Rangers in the Civil War, 1863-1865"

Bryan was a private from Lumpkin County. He was born November 26, 1823, in Habersham County and died January 14, 1923, in Lumpkin County he was almost 100 years old. Bryan married Berilla E. Free, sister of James P. Free who was a Blue Ridge Ranger. Berrien and Berille were the parents of Marion Bryan, also from this company.

Berrien Bryan enlisted in the Georgia State Line in December 1862 at Dahlonega. In his pension application, he stated that he served a "little over one year," and at the time of the surrender was "At home." The last two extant muster rolls had him "AWOL" and "Discharged by Gen Order from A&IGO."

When he applied for a pension in 1909, Bryan claimed that he was "... feeble in health ... [and] I furnished a substitute & received a Discharge from Service." Captain Worley sympathized with Bryan's plight and said, "in Dec 1864" he was "broken in health[.] he furnished a substitute and was discharged. ... IHe is] 86 years old in 1909) and physically a reck [sic]." The State did not permit substitution in the Georgia State Line: The "substitute" he claimed was his son who joined another outfit.

According to him, Bryan left the command at Camp Foster because of "Disability. Granted by Captain and Commander." Authority by which he left was "by order of 'Surgent' [Surgeon] A. P. Brown" In his pension application, Bryan rewrote his military career since he was one of a group of ten who went AWOL from Resaca on May 14, 1864 and never returned.

5ource.Company D RoIIs. ODAH: AOSO #70 May 16,1864. ODAR pension, Berrien C. Bryan, Lumpkin County, GDAH; AGCM,


We are grieved to learn that this veteran soldier was unable to attend the exercises on Lee's birthday on account of serious sickness. We hope for him a speedy recovery. He is now in his 94th year and on Nov. the 1st walked to town to be present at the bestowal of the Southern Crosses of Honor. One little girl of the graded school was so impressed with his appearance that on returning home after the ceremony at the church, said, "Mama, I do think somebody might have carried him home in an auto after he had walked so far."
The Dahlonega Nugget
January 19, 1923 (Pg. 3, col. 2:

Death of Mr. B. C. Bryan on January 14, 1923

Mr. B. C. Bryan, one of Lumpkin County's oldest citizens, died January 14, 1923, age 99 years, one month and 18 days. He was born in Habersham county November 1, 1825. His father James Bryan moved to Lumpkin when Uncle Clark was a small boy and settled in the northern part of the county where he resided until his death. He was married to Barilla Free in 1844 and they were the parents of fifteen children, fourteen lived to be grown. His wife died in 1898 at age of 70. He joined Mt Zion church in Union Co. in 1857. He was one of the chatter members of Mew Bethel Church and was deacon in this church for 63 years. During the war he and his three sons, Calloway, Josiah and Ransom, joined the Confederate forces and fought for the Southland. He leaves eleven children to mourn his loss besides scores of grandchildren and other relatives. He was quiet, hospitable and unassuming and Lumpkin county has lost one of her best citizens.

More About Berrian Clark Bryan:
Burial: January 16, 1923, Cain Creek Baptist Church, Cain Creek, Lumpkin County, GA

Notes for Berilla E. Free:

Mrs. Berilla Bryan, The subject of this sketch was born in Hall County, Georgia, August 3, 1828; married B.C. Bryan January 4, 1844; died August l, 1898, aged 70 years. She professed a hope in Christ and joined Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1859. At her death she was a member of New Bethel Baptist Church. She was the mother of fifteen children, the grandmother of seventy-three children and twenty-three great-grandchildren. Thirteen of her children are still living, and all are members of the Baptist church, one being a minister and another a deacon; her husband having been a deacon for 38 years.

She died of paralysis, after an illness of 25 months. This protracted illness was borne with Christian fortitude and patience, while being confined to her bed. Her longing prayer was for rest. She said to her nurses: "I am so tired; I have done all that I can do to get rest, and you have done all you could for me; lay me when I am dead on the hill (meaning the graveyard hill almost in sight), where I can get rest. I cannot stay here much longer, but when I am gone I will be at rest. I just want three hours, after which I will want you all to meet me in peace. I want you all to live right. Hold out faithful so we may meet together and be at rest."

Again, after a few moments, she said: "I am so tired." One of her sons said to her: "Mother, you have been sick a long time and need rest." To which she replied: "I am just waiting; I am ready any hour or any minute; I will be glad when the last breath comes."

To her husband she said: "I have only one more night to be here and suffer, and then I can rest." The weeping husband said: "Do you think that you can suffer one more night?" To which she replied: "By divine grace I can."

The day before she died she called for her mother - age 88. The aged mother replied. "Berilla, I am here, what do you want?" The daughter made inquiry about her health, and said: "Mother, I wanted to see you again; I have suffered a long time and so have you, too." These were the last words that were understood. The last moments of her life seemed to be a sweet sleep.

Seldom has the death of one in the humbler walks of life produced such wide-spread grief. The entire community, within the range of her influence, feels a great loss in her demise. Her hospitality was bounded by only what she possessed. Her counsel to all who sought her advice was always wise and proper. Her great care was for those in distress in mind and body. these she always resorted for the purpose of affording relief. It is hoped that the sweet influences of her life and character may always rest upon all who knew her.

C.W. Stargel

Carroll L. Ross
P.O. Box 1356
Athens, Tennessee 37303
May 14, 1989

More About Berrian Bryan and Berilla Free:
Marriage: January 4, 1844, Lumpkin County, GA

       6       v.       William Bryan, born Abt. 1824; died Unknown.
       7       vi.       Rausey Melinda Bryan, born December 8, 1825 in Habersham Co., GA; died June 23, 1920 in Lincoln, Lincoln Co., KAN. She married Josiah Askew Woody February 18, 1841 in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia; born April 10, 1823 in Lumpkin County, GA; died November 25, 1899 in Lincoln Center, Lincoln, KS.

More About Rausey Melinda Bryan:
Burial: June 24, 1920, Lincoln Cem. Lincoln KS

More About Josiah Askew Woody:
Burial: November 28, 1899, Lincoln Center, Lincoln, KS

More About Josiah Woody and Rausey Bryan:
Marriage: February 18, 1841, Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia

       8       vii.       Nancy Caroline Bryan, born July 23, 1828 in Habersham Co., GA; died March 25, 1907 in Lumpkin County, GA. She married George Winston Bruce February 1, 1850 in Lumpkin County, GA; born Abt. 1825; died Unknown.

More About Nancy Caroline Bryan:
Burial: Cane Creek Cem. Dahlonega, GA

More About George Bruce and Nancy Bryan:
Marriage: February 1, 1850, Lumpkin County, GA

       9       viii.       Thomas Kinsey Bryan, born September 7, 1831 in Lumpkin County, GA; died Unknown.
       10       ix.       John Wesley Bryan, born July 17, 1834 in Lumpkin County, GA; died Unknown.

Notes for John Wesley Bryan:
Not sure that this fits here but.... August 9, 1889, Dahlonega Signal
Mrs. Bryan and her daughter about eighteen years of age, wife and daughter of our former fellow citizen, J. W. Bryan, who now lives near Pendergrass, died a few days ago.

       11       x.       Gabriel Milligan Bryan, born August 16, 1836; died Unknown. He married Elizabeth Stover; born Abt. 1835; died Unknown.
       12       xi.       Parthena Ann Elizabeth Bryan, born May 15, 1840 in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia; died April 25, 1934 in Ciuckasha, Grady Co., OK. She married (1) John D. Day; born Abt. 1840; died Unknown. She married (2) Aquilla Bruce September 6, 1855 in Lumpkin County, GA; born Abt. 1840; died Unknown.

More About Aquilla Bruce and Parthena Bryan:
Marriage: September 6, 1855, Lumpkin County, GA