Vital Records
Birth, Death, Marriages


Dahlonega Memorial Park Cemetery

Lumpkin County, Georgia


From Dahlonega City Square, take East Main Street. Turn left on Turner, cemetery is on left.





Brief History of Cemetery

The cemetery was started in 1984, well maintained.



Name on Gravestone Birth/Death Year Grave/Section/Row
Ralph Patterson 1937/2002 1/Northeast/20
Ben H. Hollifield Jr. 1928/1994 2/Northeast/19
Arthur T. Panter 1921/1994 3/Northeast/18
Joyce W. Panter 1926/Unknown 4/Northeast/18
Juddy T. Welch 1932/2005 5//Northeast/18
Donna P. Welch 1956/Unknown 6/Northeast/18
Edna Cleo Higgins 1921/2005 7/Northeast/18
Laesha Serrato (Inf) Nov. 18, 2005 8/Northeast/18
Ralph T. Mote 1929/1999 9/Northeast/17
Catherine Mote 1933/1996 10/Northeast/17
Fred W. Thomas 1906/1986 11/Northeast/17
Constance W. Thomas 1916/Unknown 12/Northeast/17
Jerry E. Sutton 1942/2002 13/Northeast/17
Robert M. Cunningham (Korea) 1928/2003 14/Northeast/17
Ruth Ann Cunningham 1932/Unknown 15/Northeast/17
Elizabeth F. Cheek 1939/1985 16/Northeast/16
Annisa Jody Payne 1971/2000 17/Northeast/16
Amelia Ruby Brown 1912/1993 18/Northeast/16
Ralph Noah Armstrong 1935/2001 19/Northeast/16
Shirley Ann Armstrong 1940/Unknown 20/Northeast/16
Rockie James Lee 1960/1994 21//Northeast/16
John T. Iwanski (Korea - Vietnam) 1928/1994 22/Northeast/15
Lomma Iwanski 1933/1998 23/Northeast/15
Lilfoy W. Liggin 1911/2002 24/Northeast/15
Ronald G. Waterman 1942/1997 25/Northeast/15
Dorothy Mason Walton 1904/1996 26/Northeast/15
Robert Eugene Moore 1933/Unknown 27/Northeast/15
Willie Nell Moore 1937/2003 28/Northeast/15
Eleanora May DeNoville 1935/2002 29/Northeast/14
Thomas M. Salisbury 1940/2006 30/Northeast/14
Sallie E. Salisbury 1944/Unknown 31/Northeast/14
Erica Genette King 1973/1997 32/Northeast/14
Carroll J. Mincey (Korea) 1932/2003 33/Northeast/13
James Kenneth Fortner 1955/1998 34/Northeast/13
Trudy Gaye Fortner 1959/Unknown 35/Northeast/13
Clayton S. Burns (WWII) 1923/1998 35/Northeast/12
Carrol J. Mincey 1932/2003 36/Northeast/13
Mary Thomas Mincey 1936/Unknown 37/Northeast/13
Gibbs Wallis Liggin 1934/1996 38/Northeast/13
Millie Sanderlin 1933/Unknown 39/Northeast/13
Richard H. Harmon (Vietnam) 1943/1995 40/Northeast/13
Margarita L. Harmon 1959/Unknown 41/Northeast/13
Bienvenida B. Rodriguez 1927/1994 42/Northeast/12
Vida E. Breeding 1914/2005 43/Northeast/12
William J. Slayton Sr. (U.S. Navy) 1951/2000 44/Northeast/12
Julia Daunch 1919/2001 45/Northeast/12
Julianna Katona Bujaki 1908/1996 46/Northeast/12
Karl Compton Akermann 1969/1996 47/Northeast/12
Clayton S. Burns 1923/1998 48/Northeast/12
Mary Elizabeth Bellew Burns 1925/Unknown 49/Northeast/12
Carl E. Dowdy 1929/1999 50/Northeast/11
Carrie Rider Bingham 1927/1993 51/Northeast/11
Wesley Joel Bingham Sr. 1944/1998 52/Northeast/11
Michael A. Hughes 1961/Unknown 53/Northeast/11
Robert W. Hughes 1916/2004 54/Northeast/11
Vernis L. Hughes 1926/Unknown 55/Northeast/11
Charles Ray Knight 1942/2001 56/Northeast/11
Bonnie R. Volpe 1937/1998 57/Northeast/11
Louise V. Wehunt 1926/2003 58/Northeast/11
Anthony Funaro 1914/2004 59/Northeast/10
Sibyl W. Funaro 1928/Unknown 60/Northeast/10
Edward Gorman 1933/Unknown 61/Northeast/10
Alphine Gorman 1925/Unknown 62/Northeast/10
William H. J. Crumley (WWII) 1921/1995 63/Northeast/10
Jeffrey A. Clarkson 1962/1996 64/Northeast/10
Christina N. Clarkson 1973/Unknown 65/Northeast/10
Kenneth E. Royster 1936/2002 66/Northeast/10
Katherine L. Royster 1949/Unknown 67/Northeast/10
Joe Wayne Robbins (Vietnam) 1930/1997 68/Northeast/8
Robert F. Mills 1942/2003 69/Northeast/9
Marianne A. Mills 1945/Unknown 70/Northeast/9
J. W. Grizzle 1929/2005 71/Northeast/9
Eva M. Caldwell Grizzle 1932/Unknown 72/Northeast/9
Julian Raiford Chandler 1925/1999 73/Northeast/9
Jimmie A. Grizzle Chandler 1933/Unknown 74/Northeast/9
Julian Raiford Chandler (WWII - POW) 1925/1999 75/Northeast/9
J. B. Lingerfelt 1938/Unknown 76/Northeast/9
Lizzie Lingerfelt 1951/1999 77/Northeast/9
Dave W. Belflower 1924/Unknown 78/Northeast/9
Joaline R. Belflower 1930/2001 79/Northeast/9
Brandy Michell Rider 1978/1996 80/Northeast/9
Sara Nicole Rider (Inf) Nov. 1, 1996 81/Northeast/8
Anthony M. Tridico 1929/Unknown 82/Northeast/8
Martha L. Tridico 1939/2002 83/Northeast/8
Carl K. Moose 1939/1997 84/Northeast/8
Frank Monroe Grizzle (WWII) 1917/2004 85/Northeast/7
Agnes F. Beeler Ratcliff 1922/2005 86/Northeast/8
Jill Shirley Robbins 1959/1999 87/Northeast/8
Joe Wayne Robbins 1930/1997 88/Northeast/8
Mary Ann Robbins 1934/Unknown 89/Northeast/8
Joy Annette Trammell 1957/1996 90/Northeast/8
John Terry Trammell 1948/Unknown 91/Northeast/8
Fred Lee Janotta 1914/2003 92/Northeast/8
Marjorie Cain Janotta 1922/2000 93/Northeast/8
Loy Duff 1929/2005 94/Northeast/8
Mary Lou Satterfield Duff 1932/Unknown 95/Northeast/8
Loy Edward Duff (WWII) 1929/2005 96/Northeast/8
Frank M. Grizzle 1917/2004 97/Northeast/7
Ethel I. Grizzle 1926/Unknown 98/Northeast/7
Ronald Parker 1927/1996 99/Northeast/7
Betty Ileen Parker 1923/1996 100/Northeast/7
Amanda Cagle Smith 1976/2004 101/Northeast/7
Tina M. Rodriguez 1962/1996 102/Northeast/7
Velma Satterfield Williams 1920/2002 103/Northeast/7
Wendall H. Satterfield 1939/Unknown 104/Northeast/7
Betty Joe Satterfield 1939/Unknown 105/Northeast/7
Grady H. Butler 1920/1999 106/Northeast/6
Isabelle T. Butler 1920/Unknown 107/Northeast/6
Grady H. Butler (U.S. Army) 1920/1999 108/Northeast/6
Frank Stoval Neal Jr. 1921/2003 109/Northeast/6
Roy E. Morton 1928/2000 110/Northeast/6
June Morton 1937/Unknown 111/Northeast/6
Paul Kilpatrick 1936/Unknown 112/Northeast/6
Maude Kilpatrick 1913/2001 113/Northeast/6
Wyamon Terrell Knight 1961/2004 114/Northeast/6
Timoi Un 1928/2000 115//Northeast/6
Henry C. Adams (WWII-Korea-Vietnam) 1925/1999 116/Northeast/6
Howard James Arthurs (Korea) 1931/2005 117/Northeast/6
Henry H. Fowler (Korea) 1931/1999 118/Northeast/6
Jimmie Jean Fowler 1936/Unknown 119/Northeast/6
Thomas A. Webb 1943/Unknown 120/Northeast/5
Minnie Mae Webb 1944/2001 121/Northeast/5
David R. Mason 1956/1998 122/Northeast/5
Bob Shaw 1956/2005 123/Northeast/5
Beverly Dawn Brown 1945/1999 124/Northeast/5
Elizabeth Donna Day 1992/2001 125/Northeast/5
Paul Joseph Batchelder (Inf) 1998/1999 126/Northeast/5
William L. Jones (WWII) 1916/2001 127/Northeast/5
Paul Saine (U.S. Navy) 1941/1998 128/Northeast/4
Joyce K. Saine 1944/Unknown 129/Northeast/4
Carlos Cantrell 1948/1998 130/Northeast/4
Lucin M. Lewis 1895/1977 131/Northeast/4
Clarence James Anderson 1936/1999 132/Northeast/4
Zona Mae Grizzle Anderson 1939/Unknown 133/Northeast/4
Ronald B. Cleveland 1959/1994 134/Northeast/3
Mary Willie Cleveland 1932/Unknown 135/Northeast/3
Leonard L. Wilkerson Sr. 1920/1998 136/Northeast/3
O.E. Brown 1901/1968 137/Northeast/3
E. Nell Davis Brown 1908/2001 138/Northeast/3
Larry M. McGowan 1946/1994 139/Northeast/2
Nita D. McGowan 1948/Unknown 140/Northeast/2
Manly E. Mason (Korea) 1930/1999 141/Northeast/2
Oretha J. Mason 1935/Unknown 142/Northeast/2
Frederick C. Dennis Sr. 1929/2001 143/Northeast/2
Thomas Oscar Bales Sr. 1923/2003 144/Northeast/2
Thomas Oscar Bales (WWII) 1923/2003 145/Northeast/2
Carolyn Joyce J. Bales 1931/2002 146/Northeast/2
Carl Swinson Bales 1964/1995 147/Northeast/2
Robert L. Laird 1913/2001 148/Northeast/1
Melba F. Laird 1912/2001 149/Northeast/1
James Edward Watson Sr. (U.S. Marine) 1943/1996 150/Northeast/1
Robert David Mayo 1927/1998 151/Northeast/1
Monroe Anderson 1941/1998 152/Northeast/1
Shirley Anderson 1951/Unknown 153/Northeast/1
Gregory Michael Smith 1962/2002 154/Northeast/1
Linda Grover Smith 1941/1999 155/Northeast/1
Doyal E. Hunsinger 1922/1999 156/Northeast/1
Raymond Bryan 1940/Unknown 157/Northeast/1
Margie W. Bryan 1938/Unknown 158/Northeast/1
Kenneth Cambron 1967/1999 159/Northeast/1
Larry S. Culbertson (Vietnam) 1949/1997 160/Northeast/1
Alwayne Thompson Crane 1914/1999 161/Northeast/1
James Vernon Rider (Vietnam) 1942/2002 162/Northwest/1
J. Vernon Rider 1942/2002 163/Northwest/1
Lola Rider 1948/Unknown 164/Northwest/1
Roxanna Mitchel Aders 1993/2002 165/Northwest/1
John Alexander Gaddis 1924/2003 166/Northwest/1
Willie Blanche Thigpen Johnson 1915/2004 167/Northwest/1
Russell Satterfield (U.S. Army) 1936/2005 168/Northwest/1
Renata L. Hicks 1980/2004 169/Northwest/1
Elbert Hicks 1924/2004 170/Northwest/1
Albert M. Anderson 1928/2005 171/Northwest/1
Barbara L. Ash Anderson 1931/Unknown 172/Northwest/1
John Wesley Anderson 1968/Unknown 173/Northwest/1
B. J. Trammell 1908/2002 174/Northwest/1
Tammy R. Prince 1972/2004 175/Northwest/1
Arnold W. Prince 1966/Unknown 176/Northwest/1
Ellen N. Prince 1942/2004 177/Northwest/2
Winston R. Prince 1931/Unknown 178/Northwest/2
Evelyn Gwynn 1915/2005 179/Northwest/2
George M. Woody Jr. 1935/Unknown 180/Northwest/2
Sandra L. Woody 1936/1997 181/Northwest/2
Anna Christine Dean 1968/2005 182/Northwest/2
Maebelle Welch Allen 1927/2004 183/Northwest/4
J. Wesley Graham 1947/2004 184/Northwest/2
Martha M. Graham 1949/Unknown 185/Northwest/2
Virginia L. Springer 1940/2004 186/Northwest/2
David Michael Higgins (Vietnam) 1945/2001 187/Northwest/2
Barbara Ann Junkins 942/2004 188/Northwest/8
David Gatt (Vietnam) 1953/2003 189/Northwest/8
Mary Ann Gardner Hallam 1928/2005 190/Northwest/8
Marie Ruddy 1919/2005 191/Northwest/8
Leon Herbert Alford 1931/2003 192/Northwest/9
Granville K. Lias 1941/2006 193/Northwest/2
Rene M. Lias 1965/Unknown 194/Northwest/2
Geneva Wallace 1935/2002 195/Southwest/7
Tammy J. Lovell 1969/Unknown 196/Southwest/7
Mathew D. Pruitt 1985/2006 197/Southwest/7
Geneva Lingerfelt 1938/2005 198/Southwest/7
Ray Glenn Clemons 1932/2006 199//Southwest/7
Barbara Ferrell Clemons 1931/Unknown 200/Southwest/7
Ray Glenn Clemons (Korea) 1932/2006 201/Southwest/7
Marion Edward Weidner (Vietnam) 1940/2005 202/Southwest/7
Patricia Ann Warwick Weidner 1950/Unknown 203/Southwest/7
Nancy Dawn James 1965/2006 204/Southwest/7
Roberta A. Dunlap Beauchamp 1935/Unknown 205/Southwest/1
Parley Kanaday 1912/1996 206/Southeast/1
Mera Aniece Kanaday 1917/1995 207/Southeast/1
E. Harold Hampton (WWII) 1919/1998 208/Southeast/1
Jane P. Hampton 1921/Unknown 209/Southeast/1
Marcel Gold 1894/1991 210/Southeast/1
Rachel Gold 1902/1989 211/Southeast/1
Robert Aria Avans (WWII) 1925/2001 212/Southeast/1
Dovie M. Avans 1932/Unknown 213/Southeast/1
Billy Phillips 1931/1992 214/Southeast/1
Ulysses G. Truelove (U.S. Army) 1932/2000 215/Southeast/1
Evelyn Truelove 1934/Unknown 216/Southeast/1
Seth Meier Steele Unknown/1989 217/Southeast/1
Chester A. Larson 1916/1990 218/Southeast/2
A. Francis Larson 1916/1996 219/Southeast/2
Mary Ann Scott 1928/1999 220/Southeast/2
Clyde E. Bell 1907/1993 221/Southeast/2
Jessie Mae Bell 1911/1998 222/Southeast/2
Robert Mitchel Cook 1916/1994 223/Southeast/2
Garnett Lee Cook 1916/Unknown 224/Southeast/2
John Robert Cook 1940/2001 225/Southeast/2
Nathan M. Cook 1971/1989 226/Southeast/2
Nellie C. Bitsack 1912/1993 227/Southeast/2
James Mitchell Greenway 1957/1990 228/Southeast/2
Margie Jackson McIntyre 1950/Unknown 229/Southeast/3
Virgil Wayne McIntyer 1950/2003 230/Southeast/3
Margaret Ann Peterson 1920/1992 231/Southeast/4
Myrtice C. Priest 1939/2006 232/Southeast/4
Howard Wayne Floyd (Vietnam) 1942/1990 233/Southeast/4
Max V. Terrien 1970/1987 234/Southeast/4
James A. Coleman (Korea) 1925/1988 235/Southeast/3
Vera Anderson Colman 1927/2000 236/Southeast/3
Joanne M. Crotzer 1938/Unknown 237/Southeast/4
Charles R. Crotzer 1932/1993 238/Southeast/4
James M. Burch 1934/2000 239/Southeast/5
Cynthia Burch 1934/Unknown 240/Southeast/5
Bill T. Hardman 1926/Unknown 241/Southeast/5
Dorothy Holcombe Hardman 1929/2000 242/Southeast/5
Harold L. Hennessey (U.S. Army) 1940/1993 243/Southeast/5
Pricilla Moore Hennessey 1946/Unknown 244/Southeast/5
Joseph Clinton Adams 1915/2002 245/Southeast/6
Bill Adams 1943/1997 246/Southeast/6
Alma D. Adams 1914/Unknown 247/Southeast/6
Charlie Holcomb 1909/1997 248/Southeast/6
Jackson Lee Lowe 1948/1995 249/Southeast/6
Thomas Steven Grubb 1934/1995 250/Southeast/6
Sandra Naa Kwarteng (Inf) July 6, 1999 251/Southeast/6
John D. Satterfield 1958/Unknown 252/Southeast/6
Karen C. Satterfield 1961/2000 253/Southeast/6
Edith F. Cheney 1912/1989 254/Southeast/7
Patricia Lynne Lassiter 1955/1999 255/Southeast/7
Armon Gene Robinson (WWII) 1927/2001 256/Southeast/7
Richard C. Jessup 1944/1999 257/Southeast/7
Bazel Gene Davis 1953/2002 258/Southeast/7
Clarence J. Chambers 1946/1998 259/Southeast/7
James Willis Hester (WWII) 1918/2004 260/Southeast/7
Etta Mae Lewis 1920/1992 261/Southeast/8
Melvin C. Armstrong 1946/Unknown 262/Southeast/8
Frances P. Armstrong 1970/2001 263/Southeast/8
Grady F. Higdon (Vietnam) 1931/2000 264/Southeast/8
Shirley Jean Higdon 1946/Unknown 265/Southeast/8
Fred Thompson 1926/1999 266/Southeast/8
James Sherman McCaleb (Korea-Vietnam) 1932/2001 267/Southeast/8
Edna Hill McCaleb 1932/Unknown 268/Southeast/9
Alan Dale Whitley 1956/1989 269/Southeast/9
Joe Marvin Young 1922/2001 270/Southeast/9
William B. Fry 1940/Unknown 271/Southeast/10
Betty Jean Fry 1941/1991 272/Southeast/10
Judith H. Cash 1949/2003 273/Southeast/10
Ruby Harvey 1913/2000 274/Southeast/10
Robert Lee Roberts (Vietnam) 1936/2002 275/Southeast/10
Jane Lees Hampton 1914/1989 276/Southeast/10
James Edward Hampton 1943/1996 277/Southeast/10
Billy Bernard Patton (WWII) 1925/1996 278/Southeast/11
Yvonne T. Patton 1927/Unknown 279/Southeast/11
Lucius B. Brady 1912/1991 280/Southeast/11
Dorothy V. Brady 1937/Unknown 281/Southeast/11
Anthony Scott Cape 1965/1999 282/Southeast/11
Marcia C. Fletcher 1956/2002 283/Southeast/11
June Edgens Horne 1944/1992 284/Southeast/11
Doris Garner Horne 1919/2004 285/Southeast/11
Joseph Robert Hart 1987/1992 286/Southeast/11
James L. Hayes (Vietnam) 1941/1993 287/Southeast/12
Lewis Disspain 1940/Unknown 288/Southeast/12
Helen Disspain 1943/2000 289/Southeast/12
Leonard Gary Frachiseur 1955/1991 290/Southeast/12
Steven Michael Sutherland 1938/2005 291/Southeast/12
Nancy Mae Sutherland 1955/Unknown 292/Southeast/12
John Carroll Johnston (Vietnam) 1942/2003 293/Southeast/12
Trudy Patton Johnston 1946/Unknown 294/Southeast/12
Walter L. Pruit 1921/1988 295/Southeast/13
Shawn C. Rice 1967/2005 296/Southeast/13
Katherine A. Rice 1968/Unknown 297/Southeast/13
James Edward Self (Korea) 1929/1990 298/Southeast/13
Nancy Buffington Self 1933/Unknown 299/Southeast/13
Zeb Lunsford Jr. (WWII) 1927/1990 300/Southeast/13
Anakalia Marley Dochnal Seabolt Unknown/2004 301/Southeast/13
Dewey E. Rider 1923/Unknown 302/Southeast/14
Pauline N. Rider 1920/Unknown 303/Southeast/14
Stanley Lamar Gravitt 1970/1992 304/Southeast/14
Michael T. Thompson 1942/2003 305/Southeast/14
Barbara Ann Thompson 1942/Unknown 306/Southeast/14
Lila Mae Lovell 1940/1994 307/Southeast/14
George Marion Faile (M.D) 1923/1989 308/Southeast/14
Alice K. Johnston Faile 1925/Unknown 309/Southeast/14
Johnnie Hueston Adams 1908/1986 310/Southeast/14
Willie Dubose Bush Adams 1900/1995 311/Southeast/14
James Madison Bush 1935/2003 312/Southeast/14
Roy McCall Bush 1923/1987 313/Southeast/14
Richard Tolbert 1941/2004 314/Southeast/15
Faye Tolbert 1946/Unknown 315/Southeast/15
Richard Tolbert (U.S. Army) 1941/2004 316/Southeast/15
Frank H. Robinson 1915/1988 317/Southeast/16
Amy M. Robinson 1912/1995 318/Southeast/16
John D. Willcocks 1910/Unknown 319/Southeast/16
Vera G. Willcocks 1913/1992 320/Southeast/16
Albert Dean Grizzle (WWII) 1919/1988 321/Southeast/16
Marie Grogan Grizzle 1923/Unknown 322/Southeast/16
William S. Casteel Sr. 1943/Unknown 323/Southeast/16
Lois Mae Casteel 1943/2004 324/Southeast/16
Melvin M. Johnson (Vietnam) 1955/2000 325/Southeast/16
Jerry Beasley 1948/2001 326/Southeast/16
Paul L. Carpenter 1936/Unknown 327/Southeast/17
Irene Milsaps Carpenter 1938/Unknown 328/Southeast/17
Ruth Thompson Middleton 1914/2003 329/Southeast/17
J. Carnell Middleton 1912/2004 330/Southeast/17
Joseph P. Hollis 1918/1989 331/Southeast/18
Meryl M. Hollis 1922/Unknown 332/Southeast/18
Hali Nicole Desanto (Inf) Oct. 26, 1993 333/Southeast/18
William A. Lunsford (WWII) 1916/2001 334/Southeast/18
J. Carnell Middleton 1912/2004 335/Southeast/18
Peggy Jean Wimpy White 1944/1990 336/Southeast/18
Carolyn S. Parsons 1944/Unknown 337/Southeast/17
Eugene Parsons 1940/Unknown 338/Southeast/17
John Scott Parsons (Inf) April 28, 1967 338/Southeast/17
Claudine Sosebee 1924/Unknown 339/Southeast/18
John C. Sosebee 1920/1975 340/Southeast/18
Stephen Parsons 1961/Unknown 341/Southeast/19
Marcus Andrew Bailey 1908/1991 342/Southeast/18
Lillie Parkin Bailey 1909/2002 343/Southeast/18
Christopher Samuel Sharp 1929/Unknown 344/Southeast/19
Hazel Henegar Sharp 1927/1991 345/Southeast/19
William N. Smith 1936/1998 346/Southeast/20
Maxie N. Smith 1933/2003 347/Southeast/20
A. H. McMurtey 1925/1989 348/Southeast/20
Agnes R. Sosebee 1897/1980 349/Southeast/19
Clarence E. Sosebee Jr.(WWII) 1924/1993 350/Southeast/19
Brenda McCracken 1946/1983 351/Southeast/19
Eva Rozetta Berry 1926/1995 352/Southeast/19
Peter H. Henderson 1931/Unknown 352/Southeast/19
Joan M. Henderson 1933/1984 353/Southeast/19
William R. Weaver 1929/Unknown 354/Southeast/19
Ellen Louise Weaver 1931/1993 355/Southeast/19
John Barron Weaver (Inf) Aug. 20/24 1973 356/Southeast/19
Mary Pearl Sibson 1907/2000 357/Southeast/19
Wayne T. Sibson (WWII) 1927/Unknown 358/Southeast/19
Jo Ann Sibson 1928/2000 359/Southeast/19
Donald Ralph Prescott 1966/1986 360/Southeast/19
Jack R. Payne 1927/1991 361/Southeast/20
James Kyle Wilson 1911/1998 362/Southeast/20
Nell Thomas Cosens 1925/2003 363/Southeast/20
Sonya L. Reid 1962/Unknown 364/Southeast/20
Lottie M. Lowe 1930/Unknown 365/Southeast/20
William W. Lowe 1923/1989 366/Southeast/20
Charles Chambers 1943/Unknown 367/Southeast/20
Brenda Edwards Chambers 1946/Unknown 368/Southeast/20
Danny Powell 1953/2005 369/Southeast/20
Margie D. Garrett 1904/1988 370/Southeast/20
James B. Collins 1913/1990 371/Southeast/21
Ruby F. Collins 1915/1998 372/Southeast/21
William Miller Temple (WWII) 1927/2003 373/Southeast/21
Geraldine N. Temple 1937/Unknown 374/Southeast/21
Richard Lee Temple 1930/2000 375/Southeast/21
Patty S. Temple 1930/Unknown 376/Southeast/21
Harold S. Temple 1903/1987 377/Southeast/21
Lillian M. Temple 1906/2000 378/Southeast/21
Homer Charles Wilson 1933/1999 379/Southeast/21
Imogene M. Wilson 1936/Unknown 380/Southeast/21
Lanell W. King 1948/2001 381/Southeast/21
Lewis Graig Poore 1920/1999 382/Southeast/21
Margaret A. Poore 1924/2005 383/Southeast/21
Lewis Craig Poore (WWII) 1920/1999 384/Southeast/21
Michael J. Ramsey 1956/Unknown 385/Southeast/22
Lori S. Ramsey 1961/1986 386/Southeast/22
J. B. Burt 1931/Unknown 387/Southeast/22
Lilie Christine Burt 1933/Unknown 388/Southeast/22
Emily Paige Gibson (Inf) 1989/1991 389/Southeast/22
Lillie Mae Self 1909/1985 390/Southeast/22
George W. Self 1906/2000 391/Southeast/22
Alvin Dale Self 1950/1957 392/Southeast/22
Alvin Daniel Self 1929/1991 393/Southeast/22
Martha Faye Self 1932/Unknown 394/Southeast/22