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Henry Nett Pinion Gravesite

From the intersection of GA Hwy. 9 and Mill Creek Church Road, go west/northwest on Mill Creek Church Road for 3/10 mile, turn right on Geirrein Dr. and 3/4 mile to end of road. Proceed on foot northward on abandoned roadbed, for about 1/4 mile to an abandoned homesite, walk east, down hill, to an old gold mine water ditch running parallel to the hill; turn left and follow ditch to grave located about 30 feet to the right.


Henry Nett Pinion Gravesite

This grave is located in Land Lot 90 and 91 and is on about 60 acres of property owned by Inland Rome, a paper company, near Mooney Branch in southwestern Lumpkin County. Local resident Clarence Barnett discovered this grave in 1994 while inspecting the timber for the paper company and he marked their maps showing its location. Mr. Barnett said he'd been told by local resident Marie Crane that this was the grave of a twelve-year old boy, only covered with rocks and an uniscribed, rock headstone. Martha Jane Tanner, her family lived on top of the hill just above the one room log house where Henry Nett Pinion and Nancy Jane Nett Pinion lived. Martha Jane Tanner remembers sitting on her mothers lap on the bank of the old gold mining ditch and watching "that crazy old women" bury Henry Nett Pinion. According to her, Nancy Jane and Henry Nett Pinion were very poor and no one recalled how or why they lived there. The grave has recently been restored and an inscribed stone place at the head.

Name of Gravestone Birth/Death Year Grave/Section/Row

Henry Nett Pinion

1887 - 1899 1