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Pension application of Richard Ledbetter (Ledbitter) W26204 Elizabeth fn80NC
Transcribed by Will Graves 9/14/09

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State of North Carolina Rutherford County:

On the tenth day of December AD 1832 personally appeared in Open Court before the Justice of said Court, now sitting Richard Ledbitter aged 94 years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his Oath make the following declaration in Order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed the 7th of June 1832. That he entered the Service of the United States and Service under the following named Officers as herein Stated.
To the [best] of my Recollection, I Settled myself and family in the year 1775 in Mumfords Cove, Tryon County, now Rutherford County North Carolina about that time we was entirely on the frontier and very thinly Settled we all had to take sides. I became a Volunteer to guard the frontier. I served under Captain Potts, Capt. McDowell [Joseph McDowell] and Capt McDaniel the length of time I was out on those Different Routes I am not able to say but my first Tower [sic, tour] was in pursuit of the Indians. Col. McDowell [Charles McDowell] commanded. My Next Service was a Volunteer for the Siege of Ninety-six under Col Hampton [Andrew Hampton], but he turned his course down Broad River in pursuit of the British and Tories. We came in Sight of them at Shiers Ferry [sic, Shirer's Ferry1] about or before we reached the main army under General Sumpter [sic, Thomas Sumter] we fired a few Rifles across the River I think I saw several fall. We shortly after that we had the Battle of Black Stocks [sic, Blackstocks]2
1 where our General was wounded. We Returned to the Mountains. Soon after our return we was ordered out again. We was to meet at Col. Hamptons, but before the Company had Collected the Indians Broke into the Settlement and Killed two of my little Daughters and Scalped them and a negro girl about 10 years of age. My Wife with a Child at her breast made her escape. They were immediately pursued. Shortly after I think in year 1780 I took the balance of my family and moved back to Virginia. I was immediately numbered and placed on the Muster Rolls under Capt Vaugn [sic, Vaughan? or Vaughn?] of Brunswick County State of Virginia and was marched in pursuit of the British to the point of fork on James River where we came up with them and had an engagement. We was there under the Command of Col. or General Lawson [BG Robert Lawson] we had to retreat but when we was reinforced we followed after them to Little York. I left that place a few days before the Capture of Cornwallis and his Army and returned home. There are many Circumstances that took place that I cannot recollect so as to be qualifyed to. I well know that I served my Country Faithfully, lost nearly all that I had and three of my family killed by the Indians when I was in the Service, when I was called for the Cause of Liberty. I hereby relinquish every Claim whatsoever to a pension except the present and declare that my
2 November 20, 1780. http://gaz.jrshelby.com/blackstocks.htm
Name is not on the pension Rolls of the Agency of any State whatsoever. Question by the County} Where and in what year were you born Answer} I was as I have been Informed born in the state of Virginia in Brunswick County in the year 1738 Question} have you any record of your age Answer} I have not only from Circumstances Dictated by my Relations and the ages of my Children Question} Where were you living when called into Service where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live. Answer} When I first entered the Service I was living in Tryon County North Carolina. I then Served in the state of Virginia where I lived at the Close of the Revolutionary War and about the year 1790 I moved back to the place where I first settled in Mumford Cove then Rutherford County Carolina where I have resided ever since. Question} How were you called into Service; were you Drafted, did you Volunteer or were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom. Answer} From the year 1775 - to the year 1780 I was a general Volunteer and served at every call which was frequent we that Resided on the frontier had to guard against the Indians, the Tories and the British and we was the Weakest party when I moved back to Virginia. I was Numbered and went in my Turn. I think I Served two Towers whilst in Virginia. State the names off some of the Regular Officers who were with the Troops where you served such as Continental and Militia as you can Recollect and the General Circumstances as you can Recollect. [Answer] I Served under Col. McDowell, Col Hampton, General Sumter, Col. Clark [Elijah Clarke?]- & Twig [Twigg?] also Col or General Lawson. I was at firing at Shirer's Ferry. I was at the Taking Ten Baggage Waggons. I was at the Battle at Blackstocks. I was in Company in many Chase after the Indians and Tories and been Closely pursued by them. I was at the Engagement at the point of Fork in Virginia. I was in persuit after Cornwallis when he passed through North Carolina into Virginia. I was at little York where Cornwallis was Taken. there are many more Circumstances that occurred that I cannot explain my memory fails me they appear like a dream.
Question did you ever Receive a Discharge and if so what has become of it. |Answer| Whilst living in North Carolina we Generally Returned under the same Officers we went under when we were in Virginia. I think I rec'd two but they have become so defaced that nothing can be made of them. |Question| State the names of some persons in your Neighbourhood to whom you are known who can testify as to your Character for Veracity and good behaviour your Service as Soldier of the Revolution
[Answer] The Reverend David L Ballew & Col. John Mills
Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open court Witness Theo T. Birchett, Clk S/ Richard [illegible] (Seal)
[David L. Ballew, a clergyman, and John Mills gave the standard supporting affidavit.]
[fn p. 55]
State of North Carolina Rutherford County
Personally appeared before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace for said County James Withrow3
Sworn to and subscribed before me the 10th day of April 1833. and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that in the revolutionary War with Great Britain that Richard Ledbetter served under him as a Soldier and volunteer and Marched with me to South Carolina and joined the General Sumter's Army a short time before the battle at Blackstocks but by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory I cannot state the length of service nor the date the service was rendered in but that he Richard Ledbetter fought in that engagement under myself commanding as a Captain.
S/ William Davis, JP S/ Jas Withrow
[fn p. 77]
State of North Carolina Rutherford County: Personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the peace for said County Richard Ledbetter who being duly sworn Deposeth and saith that he does not know of any person living that he can prove the length of his service by all who was with him in the Army that by reason of old age and Consequent loss of Memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his Service but according to the best of his recollection not less than the periods mentioned below as a common Soldier and for which service I claim a pension
a volunteer to guard the frontiers under the command of Colonel McDowell. I was sometimes at home some-
times in the Fort with my family I was more than 3 months engaged in Actual service and done nothing else
3 months
a Volunteer under Captain McDowell Colonel Hampton commander joined the Main Army under General Sumter this service was not less than
3 months
I was a volunteer under Captain McDowell commanded by Colonel Hampton 15 days, say
½ month
Drafted under Captain Vaughn General Lawson
Drafted again under the same Captain & general
12 months 15 days
This exhibits all the time that my memory will justify me to swear to and the Great length of time since the service I rendered in the Revolutionary War that all of my Comrades that suffered with me all gone that I am left without proof within my knowledge only by own oath. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14th day of October 1833
S/ Wm. Grant, JP S/ Richard Ledbetter {Seal}
[fn p. 19: On November 30, 1854, in McDowell County North Carolina Elizabeth Ledbetter gave testimony that she is the widow of Richard Ledbetter deceased, a revolutionary pensioner; that she married him in Rutherford County North Carolina on April 24, 1822; that they were married
3 James Withrow S7945
by John Bradley Esquire at the residence of James Ward; her name prior to marriage was Elizabeth Berry; that she is about 81 years of age; that she has been living with Coonrod Ward [sic, Conrad Ward?] for the last 8 or 9 years on the waters of Broad River in the County of McDowell, North Carolina.]
[fn p. 15: On March 5, 1855 in McDowell County North Carolina, Elizabeth Ledbetter, aged about 80 years, filed for a Bounty land entitlement as the widow of Richard Ledbetter who died she thinks in the month of January 1846 in Lumpkin County Georgia.]
[fn p. 17: On April 5, 1855 in McDowell County North Carolina, Elizabeth Ledbetter aged about 80 years filed an amendment stating that she is the widow of Richard Ledbetter who died in the County of Lumpkin in the state of Georgia on or about the 6th of January 1845 her memory for dates in her advanced age not being good; she also states that her husband was a pensioner and drew his pension through Mr. Walton of Rutherfordton North Carolina.]
[fn p. 79: Richard O. Ledbetter, a relative (but relationship not stated) gave an affidavit in support of the widows claim for a pension.]
[fn p. 2:is a copy of the marriage bond issued in Rutherford County North Carolina to Richard Ledbitter, Sr. & James Ward Senior on April 18, 1822 to secure the marriage of Ledbitter to Elizabeth Barry.]
[fact in the file: several letters in the file indicate (contrary to the widow's statements) that the veteran died January 22, 1841 on the waters of the Hightower, Lumpkin County, Georgia.]