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W. C. Walker


Source: Deaths, Murders and Lynchings abstracted from Lumpkin County, Georgia Newspapers, Volume 2, 1901-1925
by Jimmy E. Anderson,

Before March 1, 1901 - The many friends here of W. C. Walker, formerly of Lumpkin County, but now of Brush Prairie, Washington, will regret to learn of the horrible death of his wife, daughter and son, the particulars of which are given in a letter written January 25th by Mrs. Avoline Woody, as follows: Mrs. Walker, Eli (Babe) and Julia are dead. Was caused by Babe putting 16 sticks of dynamite in the cook stove to dry out to use in blasting out stumps. Mrs. Walker and Babe were literally torn to pieces. Julia's legs and arms were broken, one eye was burned out, with cuts and bruises all over the body, but she lived two hours after the explosion. The house was blown to pieces, and the strangest thing was that Julia's little girl was also in the house and was not hurt. bill and Henry were out milking. Bill is almost crazy and doesn't know what to do. The neighbors are all building him a house.