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Mr. Marion Lee


Source: Jimmy E. Anderson. Death, Murders and Lynchings Abstracted From Lumpkin County, Georgia
Newspspers, Volume 2 (1901-1925). 

Mr. Marion Lee, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Lee, of Dahlonega, lost his life in Tennessee on Thursday of last week. He went to jump off a train on the previous day together with five other comrades who were going to a show, and received such injuries as to expire on the dissecting table the following day.

Soon after the accident his parents were notified that their son had got his leg mashed but it was nothing serious. The next message received was that he was dead, whose remains reached this place on Saturday afternoon. The parents of the deceased used to reside in the edge of Kentucky, not very far from where the accident occurred. While he was nothing but a little boy, a Mr. Braden who had a little girl named Lucy, lived within a few miles of Mr. Lees. The families visited each other during which time the two little folks got to be great friends.

Afterwards Mr. Lee and his family moved to Lumpkin County, later to Dahlonega, where their son, Marion, was entered in the N. G. A. College. After going awhile, Marion returned to Tennessee in about his eighteenth or nineteenth year. Miss Lucy had grown up and was still there. So the meeting of the young folks this time resulted in something more than friendship - love -and they were engaged to be married in about ten days from the time the sad accident occurred. So, before the remains arrived, a message was received from some of the young lady’s relatives, to be sure and not bury the deceased until Miss Lucy could come and see him one more time because it didn’t look like she would live unless she did.

Late that night, a brother arrived with his broken¬hearted sister, who looked like she was almost worn out from the loss of so much sleep, the long trip, coupled with grief. The next day the remains of the young man were carried up to Yahoola Cemetery, a distance of seven miles, escorted by a number of his college classmates, who with bugles and guns, placed Marion Lee’s body in it’s last resting place with military honors in the presence of many people. The parents and young lady have our heartfelt sympathy.