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W. B. Townsend

W. B. Townsend


New York Times, 15 June 1933
Editor of Nugget Dead.
W. B. Townsend of Dahlonega, Ga., "Wrote" Copy in Type.

Dahlonega, Ga., June 14-

W. B. Townsend, who never wrote a line of copy with pencil, pen or typewriter,
but edited and published a newspaper single-handed for more than forty years,
died yesterday in the printshop of his Dahlonega Nugget.
The 78-year-old survivor of a past era of personal journalism sat down to rest
on a chair beside his ancient printer's stone, where he has set millions of
lines of type, composing as he picked out the letters, and a little hand press
where he turned out the papers.  He didn't get up.
"The editor is sick," was the last news story he ever "wrote".  The single line
was the last item in a column of local news in this week's Nugget.
A printer's devil here in the days when Dahlonega was a booming gold-mine town
with a government mint, Mr. Townsend wanted to be a publisher.  He had little
education and money, but he set himself up and for nearly half a century the
Nugget appeared weekly.  The pungent comments by "W. B. Townsend, editor and
prop.," came to be widely quoted in other publications.