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PICTUREPruitt Family Cemetery


Traveling from the Dahlonega Square on E. Main Street (Towards Walmart). Turn left on Morrisson Moore Pkwy (2nd Light). Continue to Wimpy Mill Road (Turn Left. Turn right onto Sky Country Rd. Bear right at T intersection. At Stop Sign turn left. Cemetery is on left abt 2/10 mile.






Pruitt Family Cemetery

This is a well maintained small cemetery, local residents maintain security for the cemetery. There is evidence of several additional graves marked with uninscribed rocks.


Name of Gravestone

Birth/Death Year Grave/Section/Row
Jacob Helton No Dates 001
Elizabeth Swain Helton No Dates 002
Melinda Helton Pruitt Grizzle No Dates 003
Larkin Helton No Dates 004
Jakey Ash No Dates 005
Peter Pruitt (C.S.A) June 4, 1831 - Jan. 25, 1866 006
Peter Pruitt June 4, 1831 - Jan. 25, 1866 007