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Jemima Robertson, claimant of a pension for the services of Joseph Brown


Pension Application Of Joseph Brown, Natl Archives Microseries M805, Roll __, Application #W5744 January 12, 1847,

Violet Reed, aged 79 years: In the case of Jemima Robertson, claimant of a pension from the U. S. for the services of Joseph Brown, her former husband. “That the said Joseph Brown was a private and served in the War of the Revolution. That the said Brown was drafted and served his first tours in the year 1777 in the 17th year of his age, as deponent distinctly remembers that the young men was put on the muster rolls at the age of 16 years, and that the said Joseph Brown who was the deponent’s brother was drafted the evening of the same day he was put on the muster roll, he being just turned of 16 years of age as will more fully appear by reference to the annexed copy of a family record, which copy was drawn from deponent’s grandfather’s family record near 40 years ago and is in the handwriting of her deponent’s brother, David Brown.” “Deponent states that the Joseph Brown whose birth is dated the 1st of January 1731 was her [deponent’s] father, and that he was a cripple and never served in the War of the Revolution; and that during his [the first named Joseph [Brown’s] first tour, he was in the Battle of Briar Creek on the Savannah River in the state of Georgia as he informed deponent when he returned home. Deponent does not recollect the officers names under which he served at that time, but that he went from Guilford County, North Carolina. That the said Joseph Brown together with the balance of the deponent’s father’s family resided 8 miles from Guilford Courthouse. That they removed from thence and settled in what is now state of Tennessee on Chucky [Nolachucky River?] River.” “That the said Joseph Brown served in 2 or 3 tours after they removed, and was in the Battle of King’s Mountain in the year 1780 as she was informed by her brother. That he served a part of his time during the war under Captain Moore in Col. Sevier’s regiment.” “Deponent further states that the said Joseph Brown was married in the year 1782 as stated in her former affidavit [to Jemima Broyles]. That the said Joseph Brown removed about the close of the war and settled in the Pendleton District, South Carolina within two miles of Saluda River where he resided some 8 or 10 years, and from thence he removed and settled on Tugalo River (in then Franklin County, Georgia) where the said Joseph Brown died in 1799, leaving Jemima Brown (now Jemima Robertson) his widow. That the said Jemima was afterwards intermarried to a man by the name of Robertson who died about the year 1825 or 6..” Additional Comments: Joseph Brown was born October 30, 1760, the place not shown. Bible page was submitted with pension affidavits. Jemima Robertson received pension benefits in 1845 in Lumpkin County, GA. Prior to that she had lived in Habersham County, GA.