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Stargel Family in Lumpkin County, Georgia

    The first record of Stargels in Lumpkin County was Aug. 13, 1834 when a deed was recorded at Lumpkin county for the sale of the family farm in Haywood County North Carolina. This farm was located close the town known today as Canton NC....The deed was found in the records at Haywood County North Carolina. The Haywood county North Carolina Stargel family was the first of our family to settle in the Lumpkin and Union counties of Georgia ... William Stodghel (Stargel) was the head of this family but he died around 1816-1817 in North Carolina leaving his three children orphaned. The children were 1) Hannah Stargel who married John Cutcher 2) Mary Stargel who married John Watson or Waters ( note: at this time research has not identified Mary‘s husband last name but is believed to be either Watson or Waters?)….. and 3) John Jones Stargel born in 1813 in Haywood Co. NC. John Jones Stargel’s childhood is unknown and the next record of him is the Aug. 13, 1834 deed mentioned above. John Jones Stargel joined the Georgia Militia in 1835 as a Lieutenant and fought in the Second Indians Wars. In 1836 the married Jane Ann Defore. J.J. Stargel and wife Jane settled in Union County where nine of their thirteen children were born. They then moved to Lumpkin county around 1850 or 1851. J.J. Stargel’s wife Jane is said to have been full blooded Cherokee by some in the family but that has not been proven at this time. John Jones Stargel became a Baptist preacher and in 1866 he and his wife Jane were founding members of Cane Creek Baptist Church. He also helped start many of the Churches in the area. Four of their six sons fought for the Confederacy. John Jones Stargel died December 2, 1874 at 61 years of age and his wife Jane Ann Stargel died May 13, 1886 and both are buried at Cane Creek Baptist Church in Lumpkin County, Georgia.

Children of JOHN STARGEL and JANE DEFORE are:

i. LOUISA A. STARGEL, b. November 20, 1836, Union Co., Georgia. Married Elijah S. Self. In 1851.

ii. WILLIAM CICERO STARGEL, b. 1838, Union Co., Georgia; d. May 22, 1898, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married 1st Amanda C. Mote, 2nd Sarah Jane Walden.

iii. JOHN DEFORE STARGEL, b. March 1840, Union Co., Georgia; d. April 23, 1903, Trion, Georgia. Married 1st. Susan Shelton 2nd. Josephine McDonald.

iv. RACHEL AMANDA STARGEL, b. November 28, 1841, Union Co., Georgia; d. April 08, 1877, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married George Washington Walker

v. CHARLES WESLEY STARGEL, b. October 16, 1843, Union Co., Georgia; d. April 17, 1901, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married Sarah “Sallie” J. Miles

vi. MARY JANE STARGEL, b. 1846, Union Co., Georgia; d. August 11, 1888, Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married J.T. Fourney Beard

vii. JOSIAH CLARENCE STARGEL, b. March 06, 1847, Union Co., Georgia; d. August 23, 1923, Oakwood Georgia. Married Mary Isabell Shelton

. viii. ALFRED TAYLOR STARGEL, b. January 17, 1849, Union Co., Georgia; d. January 05, 1919, Jackson County, Ga.. Married Mary M. Bryan

ix. RICHARD REMINGTON "R.R." STARGEL, b. November 27, 1850, Union Co., Georgia; d. June 19, 1921, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married Sarah E. "Sallie" Bryan

x. NANCY EMILINE STARGEL, b. February 07, 1853, Lumpkin Co., Georgia; d. July 15, 1918; m. JOHN V. DAVIS, November 11, 1892, Lumpkin Co. Georgia.

xi. SARAH ARIMENDA STARGEL, b. 1855, Lumpkin Co., Georgia; m. GEORGE J. RUSSELL, December 16, 1883, Lumpkin Co. Georgia.

xii. MELVINA CATHERINE STARGEL, b. February 1857, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. Married Lewis Marion "Doc" Marlow

xiii. ELVIRA STARGEL, b. February 19, 1861, Lumpkin Co., Georgia; d. October 15, 1930, Atlanta, Ga. Fulton County. Married John Wesley Marlow



William Cicero Stargel married Amanda C. Mote, the daughter of Levi Mote Jr. and Elizabeth Davis Mote, in 1857 and they had two sons.

1st was Amzi Hilliard Stargel born July 8, 1860. Died on Nov. 16 ,1905 at the age of 45 in White County. He married Nancy Ann Chambers Aug. 13, 1877 in Lumpkin County Ga. Amzi moved his family to Gainesville to work in one of the Cotton Mills there. Amzi was the preacher of Shoals Creek Baptist Church in White County Georgia so he continue to live close Shoals Creek Church but went back and forth to Gainesville to check on his family who was living in one of the mill homes at the mill . Amzi and Nancy had ten children.

Children of Amzi and Nancy Chambers.

i. Amanda “Mandy” Stargel born 1878. Married Sherman Hicks

ii. William Leora Stargel born 1880. Married Bertie Hulda Sargent

iii. Callie Matildia Stargel born 1880 died 1907 never married buried at Shoals Creek Church Cemetery.

iv. John Davis Stargel born 1883. Married Etta Jane Roper

v. James Cicero Stargel born 1886. Married India Elvira Ash

vi. Lemuel Thomas Stargel born 1888.Married Bessie Millie Propes

vii. Laura Ann Stargel born 1890. Married Lester Mack Humphries

viii. Gordon Calvin Stargel born 1894. Married Evelyn McIntire

ix. Virgil Andrew Stargel born 1895. Married Blanche Parks

x. Jesse Monroe Stargel born 1898. Married Leila Ellen Hammond.

** Most of the Children of Amzi and Nancy Stargel were born in Lumpkin County Georgia. Being tired of farming moved to Gainesville to work in the Cotton Mills . From Gainesville many moved on to the upstate of South Carolina to Work in those Cotton Mills. Most of Amzi and Nancy’s descendants live in Gainesville Georgia or in the Greenville South Carolina area.


2nd son of Wiliam Cicero and Amanda Stargel was born March 21, 1863 but he did not live. Amanda Stargel had problems giving birth to this second son and died shortly after his birth. It is believed he only lived a few day after her death. Amanda died March 27, 1863 at the age of 21 while her husband was away serving in the Blue Ridge Rangers, company D, 1st Reg., Georgia State line Army.

Our family story is that he rode a horse to death trying to get home to his wife but by the time he arrived she had died. Amanda “Mandy” Mote Stargel is buried at Yahoola Baptist Church Cemetery in Lumpkin County, Georgia.

Obituary of Amanda C. (Mote) Stargel

May, 1863.…The Mountain Signal......... Obituary

Departed this life on the 27th., her residence on Cane Creek, Lumpkin County, Georgia. Mrs Amanda C. Stargel, wife of Wm. C. Stargel aged 21 years and 6 months and 7 days .---- The deceased was born and reared in said county and was married February 26th, 1857. She was respected and beloved by all who knew her. She was a kind and benevolent neighbor but never made an open profession of Christianity till three days before her death while she was on her death bed after a hard struggle of earnest prayer by her and all praying friends, she said that she had found her blessed Savior precious to her soul, and then warned and admonished all her friends and relatives to prepare to meet her in Heaven ---- said she was going there and for them not to put off preparation for death till a dying hour. She had repentance till on a dying bed. She had left a loving husband in the service of his country; he is under Capt. Graham, 1st Reg. Ga. State troops. She also left two little boys one just six days old. May God ever bless the little orphans and give them friends to guide and protect them. She left numerous other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. But our loss is her eternal gain.

" Why do we mourn departed friends, or shake at death's alarm?

'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends, To call them to his arms."




After the war in February of 1866 William married Sarah Jane Walden who was the daughter of Daniel Walden and Mary Harrison. They had six children. At the time of William Cicero Stargel’s death their farm was located on Porter Springs Road, Lumpkin county and William owned property in both Union and Lumpkin counties. He died May 22, 1898 just 14 days after the death of his son Ethermine “Ethon” Stargel. Sarah Jane Walden Stargel died on November 19th 1919 in Lumpkin County Georgia at the age of 75 and was buried at Yahoola Baptist Church next to other Walden Family members.


Nov. 28, 1919, Dahlonega Nugget

The remains of Mrs. Sarah Jane Stargel were carried to Yahoola for internment.


Children of William Cicero and Sarah Jane Stargel:

1) Laural P. Stargel, born in September 1867, in Lumpkin County and married

Jeptha M. Shoemaker on September 19, 1895 in Hall County, Ga. She died December 28, 1945 in Anderson County, South Carolina and is buried at Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery, Seneca, South Carolina. Laural did not have any children and was not married long.

2) Emma Jane Stargel, born in 1870, she married John M McGee on December 31, 1886 in Lumpkin County. Emma and John McGee had four Children. He was a school teacher, school commissioner of Lumpkin County, justice of the peace, postmaster of the Crumby District and was admitted to the bar and served as a lawyer during the latter years of his life. He died at age 34 with Typhoid fever in 1902. He was a Mason and buried with the honors of Masonry. He was buried at Zion Baptist Church, Union County, Ga. John M McGee seems to have done more in his 34 years than most of us do in our entire lives.

Emma Jane’s second husband was Rev. C. H. Allison, who died in 1924. They did not have any children. Emma moved to South Carolina around 1908 and is buried at Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery, Seneca, South Carolina.

3) Ora Stargel, born Feb. 14, 1874 and married Hiram Thomas Duckett on July 21, 1889 in Lumpkin County Ga., They divorced for a few years but remarried on May 17,1894 in Hall County. Hiram Thomas Duckett died in 1905 in a mining accident in Bessemer, Alabama and was buried there in Bessemer.

Ora’s second marriage was to C. M. Boatwright on March 9, 1908 in Hall CO. I do not have his date of death but have been told they had two children.

Ora Died on December 08, 1917 and it is believed she was buried in an unmarked grave in the Burrell and Julia Ferguson Family plot at East View cemetery in Honea Path, S.C. (N34* 27.158... W 082* 22.714) Ora’s son, Paul, was married to Burrell and Julia Ferguson’s daughter, Bessie.

4) Ethemine “Ethan” N. Stargel born about 1876 and died on May 8, 1898 just fourteen days before his fathers death. Ethan was a Teacher at Long Tube School at the time of his death and he is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave at Yahoola Church Cemetery.

Ethemine’s Notice of Death

1898 , May 13 issue … Dahlonega Nugget

Ethemine Stargel, who resided in Grumby’s District, died suddenly last Sunday. We understand that he had plowed all day on Friday before he became ill that night. He had been teaching school at the Long Tube and his many pupils and friends regret to learn of his demise.

5) John Daniel Stargel born in Union County on August 1. 1879 and died on November 15, 1948 in Anderson County and was buried at Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery in Seneca, South Carolina. John was a farmer, and Barber. He never married but according to his Obituary he raised one of his great Nephews, Charlie Ham Loggins. John and two of his sisters are buried at the same cemetery located between Clemson and Seneca South Carolina.

6) Jane Stargel was born December 1882 and was married to Wilburn Anderson on February 23, 1902. Jane and Wilburn had one Child. Jane died March, 1905 at the age of 22. She is buried in an unmarked grave in the Rock Springs Cemetery ( N34* 35.888 W083* 55.469) just off Porter Springs Road, Dahlonega Georgia. Her husband Wilburn Anderson, son of William Ensley and Mary Anderson, died a few years later around April 1907 and is buried in Rock Springs Cemetery in an unmarked grave. He died at 30 years of age.  


**For more information on the Stargel Family check out my book “STARGEL, my branch of the family tree by Thomas JD Stargel”. Located in the libraries of Greenville, SC., Gainesville, Ga., Lumpkin County Library, and Haywood County North Carolina Library.  

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