Vital Records
Birth, Death, Marriages

Yahoola Baptist Cemetery 

Lumpkin County, Georgia


From the Dahlonega City Square travel east on Main Street, Turn left at the second stop-light (Morrison Moore Pkwy). Turn left on Yahoola Church Road. Church and cemetery on left.




Brief History of Cemetery

For several years after the discovery of gold in 1828, lawlessness and wickedness abounded.  As men of God began to preach the gospel and many people were born again, they established churches which did much to civilize the community.  One of the earliest and most flourishing was Yahoola Baptist Church, established in 1840. For over a century the church was the center of life in Yahoola Valley.  When Yahoola School was established, it worked closely with the church in bringing up the community's children.  Rev. Ed Grizzle tells of teaching there in the 1930's and taking the children across the road to revival services at the church.
By the late 1960's the people of the church decided to build a new building, as the old one had begun to deteriorate.  It was completed in 1971 under the leadership of pastor Dean Bryant.

Name on Gravestone Birth/Death Year Grave/Section/Row
Glynn Rider 1927/2000 1/West/14
Madge Rider 1932/2003 2/West/14
V. Leon Walker 1920/2000 3/West/14
M. Evelyn B. Walker 1923/Unknown 4/West/14
Jimmy L. Walker 1929/Unknown 5/West/14
Joan A. Walker 1932/2004 6/West/14
Major W. D. Williams 1806/1873 7/West/12
J. H. Woody No Dates 8/West/12
Daughter of J.A & A.W.W. No Dates 9/West/12
M. Wood Partial Date 3 Nov. 18-- 10/West/12
Clifford Marshall Walker 1941/2005 11/West/12
Edward Graham Betzold (WWII) 1928/1999 12/West/14
Wilma Walker Wehunt 1945/1986 13/West/14
Lucy Ann Walker 1921/1982 14/West/14
Captain Walker 1899/1993 15/West/14
Liller L. Walker 1901/2000 16/West/14
Argen Lee 1860/1941 17/West/14
Miranda A. Walker 1915/Unknown 18/West/14
T. Watson Walker 1895/1973 19/West/14
Martha Walker (Inf) 1935/1936 20/West/14
Wiley W. Walker 1908/1991 21/West/13
Ruby P. Walker 1912/2002 22/West/13
Martha T. Walker 1867/1953 23/West/13
Alex Walker 1903/1936 24/West/13
Rachel A. Walker 1841/1877 25/West/13
G. W. Walker (C.S.A.) 1845/1915 26/West/13
Fannie Walker 1902/1994 27/West/13
Opal Walker (Inf) 1944/1946 28/West/13
N. Martin Grizzle 1886/1963 29/West/12
Jane A. Grizzle 1876/1958 30/West/12
Minnie Ferguson Grizzle 1881/1922 31/West/12
Milton D. Grizzle (Inf) 1947/1948 32/West/13
Ruth N. E. Anderson Grizzle 1922/2006 33/West/13
Benjamin Guinn Grizzle 1916/2002 34/West/13
Janice Lenelle Seabolt (Inf) June 20-28 1947 35/West/13
T. C. Thomas (C.S.A.) 1830/1862 36/West/13
Ephraim Lee 1799/1883 37/West/13
Keziah Watkins Lee 1805/1890 38/West/13
William Thomas 1857/1936 39/West/13
Nancy Thomas 1856/1943 40/West/13
Joe Gooch 1882/1964 41/West/13
Cora May Gooch 1885/1970 42/West/13
Clayton C. Gooch 1911/1975 43/West/13
Lillie M. Gooch 1913/Unknown 44/West/13
John W. Walden 1861/1951 45/West/13
Laura G. Walden 1887/1965 46/West/13
Ruth Walden Brooks 1924/1980 47/West/13
Sarah J. Stragel (Stargel) 1843/1919 48/West/13
Aldolphus L. Grizzle 1898/1939 49/West/10
Lena W. King Grizzle 10902/1993 50/West/10
John W. Walker 1862/1938 51/West/11
Isaac S. Walker 1904/1940 52/West/11
Sarah G. Walker 1864/1941 53/West/11
Maud (No Surname) No Dates 54/West/9
Larkin Walker 1857/1938 55/West/9
Praria Walker 1861/1941 56/West/9
Henry Walker (Inf) No Dates 57/West/9
Elizabeth L. Lance 1813/1844 58/West/8
Sarah S. Lance 1817/1857 59/West/9
Clarence Cleo Lance 1909/1991 60/West/6
William Higgins 1891/1967 61/West/7
Oma H. Higgins 1902/1954 62/West/7
Elizabeth Higgins 1896/1923 63/West/7
E. Jane Walker 1886/1962 64/West/7
Loudelle Higgins 1919/1972 65/West/6
Hershel Higgins 1917/1976 66/West/6
Edward Williams Wells IV (Inf) 1998/1998 67/West/6
Rallie James Higgins 1918/1999 68/West/6
Joan Charlotte Jarrard (Inf) March 24, 1923 69/West/7
Henry Higgins No Dates 70/West/8
Romey Higgins No Dates 71/West/8
Georgia Higgins No Dates 72/West/8
Mary Higgins No Dates 73/West/8
Cindy Lee-Higgins (Inf) No Dates 74/West/6
James Marion Higgins 1888/1972 75/West/6
Easter Chartiey Higgins Grizzle March 10, 1895 76/West/6
Martha Jarrard Higgins 1898/1925 77/West/6
Richard Higgins 1901/1923 78/West/6
Minnie Belle Higgins 1862/1926 79/West/6
John H. Higgins 1866/1943 80/West/7
Jewel H. Lee 1930/1990 81/West/7
Ether C. Lee 1931/Unknown 82/West/7
Ira Stanley Murphey 1934/Unknown 83/West/7
Frank W. Seabolt (WWII) 1917/1987 84/West/7
Frank W. Seabolt 1917/1987 85/West/7
William J. Seabolt 1893/1966 86/West/7
Elda R. Seabolt 1884/1959 87/West/7
Ransey Seabolt 1923/1933 88/West/7
Thomas Lee (C.S.A.) 1844/1829 89/West/7
Floyd Lee (Inf) 1892/1893 90/West/8
Amanda C. Mote Stargel Unknown/1863 91/West/10
Levi Mote (Rev. War) 1756/1849 92/West/10
John R. Lance 1813/1850 93/West/8
E. Gooch Partial Date 4 Jun 94/West/8
Judith Carol Head (Inf) Sept 17, 1947 95/West/10
Dianne Elaine Terrell (Inf) Oct. 26, 1957 96/West/9
Anthony Glenn Terrell (Inf) July 12, 1961 97/West/9
Majorie H. Terrell 1938 1984 98/West/9
Ezzie Anderson Cain 1895/1984 99/West/12
Minnie V. Anderson Lockaby 1909/1999 100/West/11
Amanda Grizzle Anderson 1878/1961 101/West/12
Claude C. Caldwell 1911/1960 102/West/12
Leona E. Caldwell 1916/1944 103/West/12
Albert Anderson 1917/1943 104/West/12
Joseph M. Anderson 1873/1939 105/West/12
Son of Anderson No Dates 106/West/12
Minnie Ferguson Grizzle 1881/1922 107//West/12
Sone of Anderson No Dates 108/West/12
N. Martin Grizzle 1886/1963 109/West/12
Jane A. Grizzle 1876/1958 110/West/12
Lonnie C. Anderson 1897/1924 111/West/12
John H. Grizzle 1857/1935 112/West/12
Fronie L. Grizzle 1856/1931 113/West/12
Mattie Grizzle (Inf) No Dates 114/West/11
M. M. Grizzle Unknown/1919 115/West/11
Rachel Grizzle 1824/1903 116/West/11
Infant Lance Sept. 1892 117/West/11
Luther Lance (Inf) 1887/1887 118/West/11
Dora Inez Lance (Inf) 1934/1934 119/West/11
Nunnie Walker Lance 1898/1927 120/West/11
Margaret Lance (Inf) 1918/1918 121/West/11
Connie Seabolt Walker 1900/1928 122/West/11
Andrew Washington Caldwell 1861/1930 123/West/10
Nancy Robinson Caldwell 1865/1948 124/West/10
H. B. Grizzle 1924/1927 124/West/10
Infant Daughter Grizzle No Dates 125/West/10
Henry Sampson Ash 1894/1898 126/West/10
Amanda Ash 1887/1890 127/West/10
Amanda F. Mote 1852/1924 128/West/10
W. M. Postell 1833/1924 129/West/9
Mary D. Postell 1837/1898 130/West/9
Andrew W. Caldwell 1886/1943 131/West/9
Lemuel Robinson Unknown/1886 132/West/9
Macasey Robinson Unknown/1874 133/West/9
Rev. Colman W. Ash 1868/1948 134/West/9
Martha G. Ash 1868/1852 135/West/9
H. G. King Unknown/1884 136/West/9
Arminda Lance 1854/1894 137/West/9
William Lance 1849/1926 138/West/9
Wilford H. Jarrard (Inf) 1925/1926 139/West/9
Matilda Angeline Mote Wilkins 1847/1915 140/West/9
William Wilkins 1849/1924 141/West/9
Zella Ash (Inf) 1899/1901 142/West/9
Sarah Woody Caldwell 1868/1941 143/West/8
Joseph B. Caldwell Age 55/1916 144/West/8
Myrtle Gearin (Inf) 1907/1911 145/West/8
G. Kenneth Cronan 1923/1931 146/West/7
Clarence Thomas (Inf) 1923/1924 147/West/7
Emma Ash Wimpy 1888/1909 148/West/8
J. J. Ash (Inf) 1878/1880 149/West/8
Mary Ash 1846/1918 150/West/8
W. W. Ash 1848/1924 151/West/8
Levi Mote (Indian Wars) 1816/1900 152/West/8
Elizabeth Davis Mote 1824/1911 153/West/8
C. M. Mote 1850/1930 154/West/8
T. D. Davis 1881/1912 155/West/6
T. J. Miller (Inf) 1918/1919 156/West/6
Thomas Davis 1853/1929 157/West/6
Mary R. Davis 1860/1950 158/West/6
James D. Miller 1928/1935 159/West/5
Adam M. Wilkins 1842/1899 160/West/5
Mary Cadwell Wilkins Unknown/1901 161/West/5
Gussie Bogan 1908/1992 162/West/4
Nancy P. Lee 1851/Unknown 163/West/4
P. L. Lee 1857/1932 164/West/4
Marion Barney Lee 1887/1906 165/West/4
Ollie Butler (Inf) 1896/1897 166/West/4
Amarintha Butler 1848/1925 167/West/4
John Butler 1849/1911 168/West/4
Mary Gaddis Age 11 169/West/5
Lusindy Pruitt Ridley 1855/1938 170/West/4
Joseph Ridley 1851/1923 171/West/4
Eva H. Moreland 1912/1976 172/West/4
Harvey L. Moreland 1906/1985 173/West/4
E. L. Grizzle 1938/1964 174/West/3
Rebecca V. Miller 1888/1941 175/West/3
Willie Miller 1881/1961 176/West/3
Ophelia J. Miller 1899/1988 177/West/3
Linda R. Butler 1876/1975 178/West/3
W. D. Butler 1874/1935 179/West/3
Eelizbeth Thomas 1854/1940 180/West/3
Charlie Thomas 1915/1937 181/West/3
J. Luther Thomas 1888/1968 182/West/3
Ola L. Thomas 1894/1985 183/West/3
Mary Jane R. Lee 1873/1943 184/West/3
Eli Lee 1869/1941 185/West/3
Evelyn Fae Ridley 1929/1942 186/West/3
Frank W. Ridley 1897/1977 187/West/3
Bessie H. Ridley 1901/1983 188/West/3
Barney H. Lance 1878/1947 189/West/3
Martha Walden Lance 1888/1965 190/West/3
William Glenn Moreland 1929/1975 191/West/3
Leonard H. Lance 1902/1951 192/West/3
Mabel L. Lance 1911/1987 193/West/3
Joseph L. Caldwell 1889/1970 194/West/3
Ella J. Caldwell 1886/1968 195/West/3
Joseph S. Cochran 1914/1992 196/West/3
Lois L. Cochran 1913/2000 197/West/3
Elus Dumont Robbins 1933/1996 198/West/3
Billie Cochran Robbins 1936/Unknown 199/West/3
Elus D. Robbins 1933/1996 200/West/3
Annie Ruth Caldwell Sfier (Speir) 1935/1969 201/West/4
Mrytle J. Caldwell 1914/1983 202/West/4
William B. Walker 1889/1963 203/West/4
Edith E. Walker 1910/Unknown 204/West/4
Robert L. Walker 1900/1965 205/West/4
Roland B. Walker 1932/1966 206/West/4
Murdy Druie Calhoun 1894/1901 207/West/5
Thomas F. Grizzle 1877/1937 208/West/5
F. H. Grizzle (Inf) 1890/1890 209/West/5
J. B. Grizzle 1876/1898 210/West/5
Jas. A. Grizzle 1844/1926 211/West/5
Elizabeth Grizzle 1845/Unknown 212/West/5
Walter L. Grizzle 1912/1986 213/West/5
Lillie Mae Grizzle 1920/1998 214/West/5
Ano. Amanda Grizzle 1908/1926 215/West/6
John W. Grizzle 1885/1920 216/West/6
Nancy M. Grizzle 1887/1940 217/West/6
Leah Grizzle 1853/1928 218/West/6
David Grizzle Age about 42 years 219/West/6
Nervie Grizzle 1879/1914 220/West/6
James A. Calhoun 1886/1900 221/West/6
Ben J. Lance 1911/1960 222/West/6
J. William Lance 1876/1933 223/West/6
Nancy C. Lance 1875/1966 224/West/6
Ben J. Lance (WWII) 1911/1960 225/West/6
W. Homer Grizzle 1892/1961 226/West/7
Mary G. Head 1876/1973 227/West/7
Essie Head (Inf) 1904/1904 228/West/7
Pearlie Head 1899/1903 229/West/7
Harold A. Derby 1909/1993 230/West/3
Bertha M. Derby 1911/1999 231/West/3
Calvin C. Walker 1923/1983 232/West/3
Thelma M. Walker 1922/1985 233/West/3
Calvin C. Walker (WWII) See #232 234/West/3
Charlie Davis 1908/1994 233/West/3
Melvin Head 1942/Unknown 234/West/3
Betty Head 1945/1996 235/West/3
Elmer Head 1912/1998 236/West/3
Lucy Lou Head 1918/Unknown 237/West/3
Sara Walker Adams 1930/1992 238/West/3
Joseph W. Grizzle 1890/1970 239/West/2
Cellia J. Grizzle 1894/1972 240/West/2
Homer D. Head 1909/1983 241/West/2
Jerry D. Head 1950/1969 242/West/2
Cora L. Head 1914/Unknown 243/West/2
Paul J. Head 1906/1986 244/West/2
Ora W. Head 1912/2000 245/West/2
Paul L. Caldwell (WWII) 1923/1985 246/West/2
Charlie D. Harkins 1911/1986 247/West/2
Berbie E. Harkins 1919/Unknown 248/West/2
James W. Robinson 1925/Unknown 249/West/2
Birdie D. Robinson 1916/1990 250/West/2
J. Coleman Robinson 1885/1964 251/West/2
Nola B. Robinson 1895/1957 252/West/2
Emery M. Robinson 1920/1963 253/West/2
William L. Ridley 1890/1958 254/West/2
Niles B. Jarrard (WWII - Korea) 1912/1983 255/West/2
Niles B. Jarrard 1912/1983 256/West/2
Gloria Lazarz Jarrard 1927/1996 257/West/2
Guy S. Jarrard 1904/1989 258/West/2
Myrtle G. Jarrard 1906/1997 259/West/2
Lee G. Jarrard 1910/1978 260/West/2
Lee G. Jarrard (WWII) 1910/1978 261/West/2
Elizabeth P. Jarrard 1878/1956 262/West/2
Pamela Ann Jarrard (Inf) 1947/1948 263/West/2
Florence J. McCarthy 1867/1946 264/West/2
Vera C. Perry 1887/1985 265/West/2
Charles S. Perry 1882/1984 266/West/2
Bertha G. Gilstrap 1874/1954 267/West/2
P. C. Gilstrap 1868/1960 268/West/2
Susan F. Miller 1951/1985 269/West/2
Thomas E. Miller 1922/Unknown 270/West/2
Emma Jean Miller 1926/Unknown 271/West/2
Charles F. Ramey 1936/2005 272/West/1
Wilma A. Ramey 1935/Unknown 273/West/1
Joy Ruth Ramey Culliton 1958/1987 274/West/1
Ina Jarrard Hope 1915/1998 275/West/1
William A. Hope 191/1987 276/West/1
Faith Hope 1944/1955 277/West/1
Mary Lou Baker Smith 1884/1976 278/West/1
William Manning Smith 1879/1949 279/West/1
Callie P. Jarrard 1906/1990 280/West/1
Homer C. Jarrard 1902/1985 281/West/1
Nell E. Jarrard 1904/1986 282/West/1
Lula Mae Lee 1906/1970 283/West/1
Arthur J. Lee 1896/1964 284/West/1
Lewis W. Ridley 1914/1997 285/East/1
Lena G. Ridley 1925/2005 286/East/1
Alex Ridley 1910/2000 287/East/1
Louise Head Ridley 1919/2001 288/East/1
Eugene Satterfield 1932/1963 289/East/2
Henry Ridley 1882/1958 290/East/1
Dollie P. Ridley 1881/1977 291/East/1
Edna Nina Ravan 1918/1970 292/East/1
Roger Ravan 1953/1960 293/East/1
Gordon Wesley Ravan 1916/1977 294/East/1
Charlie E. Ridley 1890/1962 295/East/1
Rachel Victoria G. Ridley 1883/1975 296/East/1
Wilda Lynn Ridley 1943/1962 297/East/1
Ralph Lamar Ridley 1941/1970 298/East/1
Ralph E. Ridley 1920/1979 299/East/1
Dorothy M. Ridley 1918/1996 300/East/1
Charlie E. Ridley 1925/1980 301/East/1
Mattie Lee Ridley 1926/2003 302/East/1
Clarence Eugene Ridley (WWII) 1925/1980 303/East/1
Ruby J. Ridley 1914/1998 304/East/2
Carl A. Ridley 1912/Unknown 305/East/2
David Thomas (Inf) Oct. 22, 1978 306/East/2
Joseph Thomas (Inf) June 30,1964 307/East/2
Chistine Thomas 1942/Unknown 308/East/2
Price Thomas 1922/1999 309/East/2
Cline Junior Thomas (Korea) 1932/1998 310/East/2
Walter J. Thomas 1917/1967 311/East/2
Roberta W. Thomas 1925/Unknown 312/East/2
Viola N. Weaver 1905/2000 313/East/2
Phillip Ridlwy 1949/2004 314/East/3
Sam H. Gooch 1876/1960 <315/East/3
Addie M. Gooch 1874/1966 316/East/3
Herbert J. Gooch 1900/1997 317/East/3
Ether A. Gooch 1903/1989 318/East/3
Ruby Gooch Waller 1926/2002 319/East/3
Thomas P. Gooch 1919/2000 320/East/3
Joseph Robert M. Gooch 1941/1970 321/East/3
Winnie E. Gooch 1919/Unknown 322/East/3
Monroe E. Caldwell 1883/1973 323/East/3
Cordelia W. Caldwell 1885/1983 324/East/3
Mary L. Caldwell 1924/Unknown 325/East/3
Joseph H. Caldwell 1904/1979 326/East/3
Dock C. Gooch 1906/1988 327/East/3
Faye C. Gooch 1917/1990 328/East/3
Robert M. Caldwell (WWII) 1915/1996 329/East/3
Ruth J. Caldwell 1922/Unknown 330/East/3
Howard Travis Adams 1939/Unknown 331/East/3
Cynthia Gail Moses Adams 1959/1977 332/East/3
Alice Jean Adams 1936/Unknown 333/East/3
Dora G. Caldwell 1916/Unknown 334/East/3
Walter M. Caldwell 1907/1985 335/East/3
Joyce A. Caldwell 1943/1994 336/East/3
Eunice Roberts 1916/1998 337/East/4
Early Roberts 1907/1987 338/East/4
Paul E. Manley 1928/Unknown 339/East/4
Phillip P. Manley 1955/1988 340/East/4
Berta M. Manley 1934/Unknown 341/East/4
Mitchell Shope 1962/1987 342/East/4
Poole D. Caldwell 1911/2000 342/East/4
Hazel Jarrard Caldwell 1919/2001 343/East/4
Herman Caldwell 1908/1994 344/East/4
Monnie D. Caldwell 1911/1983 345/East/4
Joseph Wayne Caldwell 1946/1991 346/East/4
James Wilson Caldwell 1939/2003 347/East/4
Remer J. Gooch 1915/1984 348/East/4
Blanche D. Gooch 1912/2000 349/East/4
Ollie B. Fields 1925/Unknown 350/East/4
Christine Fields 1928/Unknown 351/East/4
Noma Walker 1902/1997 352/East/3
Kay T. Brewster 1953/1972 353/East/3
Rachela Seabolt 1869/1972 354/East/3
Marty Ray Thomas 1961/2000 355/East/3
Eva M. Raines 1920/Unknown 356/East/3
Buck E. Raines 1899/1970 357/East/3
Vance Edward Raines (Inf) Nov. 26, 1976 358/East/3
Henry M. Cain 1901/1985 359/East/3
Ellen R. Cain 1899/1991 360/East/3
Edward L. Cain 1922/1994 361/East/3
Ellen Holbrook 1938/2000 362/East/3
T. J. Cain 1926/1990 363/East/4
Dorothy R. Cain 1925/Unknown 364/East/4
T. J. Cain (WWII) 1926/1990 365/East/4
Fred C. Butler 1914/2004 366/East/4
Verbie A. Butler 1919/2002 367/East/4
J. Clyde Ravan 1912/1997 368/East/4
Cona A. Ravan 1918/2000 369/East/4
John Clyde Ravan (WWII) 1912/1997 370/East/4
Jack Davis Walker 1924/1995 371/East/4
Jacquelyn Dianne Walker 1955/1973 372/East/4
Danny Lynn Walker 1953/1994 373/East/4
C. Matt Caldwell 1893/1974 374/East/4
Dona L. Caldwell 1894/1975 375/East/4
Charlie M. Caldwell (WWI) 1893/1974 376/East/4
Lloyd Caldwell 1932/1992 377/East/5
Lloyd Caldwell (U.S. Army) 1932/1992 378/East/5
James Lon Caldwell 1891/1976 379/East/5
Fannie A. Caldwell 1899/1971 380/East/5
John C. Caldwell 1902/1978 381/East/5
Ella S. Caldwell 1910/1990 382/East/5
Joseph B. Caldwell 1925/1981 383/East/5
Mattie M. Caldwell 1923/Unknown 384/East/5
James O. Caldwell 1923/2001 385/East/5
Leamon Russell 1917/2000 386/East/5
Myrtle Russell 1926/Unknown 387/East/5
John L. Edwards 1928/2002 388/East/5
Alma W. Edwards 1935/Unknown 389/East/5
Bonnie B. Thompson 1953/1992 390/East/5
Homer G. Bryant 1923/1993 391/East/5
Ida Mae R. Bryant 1923/Unknown 392/East/5
Homer Grant Bryant (WWII) 1923/1993 393/East/5
Velman Otis Lunsford (WWII) 1923/2003 394/East/5
Fannie R. Lunsford 1927/Unknown 395/East/5
Virginia Seabolt Sanchez 1951/2002 396/East/6
David Seabolt 1960/1988 397/East/6
Loy R. Gooch 1935/1996 398/East/6
Shirley J. Gooch 1947/Unknown 399/East/6
Boyd M. Walker 1893/1986 400/East/6
Lula P. Walker 1901/1988 401/East/6
Thurman Walker 1935/Unknown 402/East/6
Curvin H. Dockery 1928/Unknown 403/East/5
Helen L. Dockery 1930/Unknown 404/East/5
Betty Horne Walden 1925/Unknown 405/East/6
Leamon Walden (WWII) 1916/1999 406/East/6
David Corwyn Walden 1949/1983 407/East/6
David Corwyn Walden (U.S. Army) 1949/1983 408/East/6
Fred D. Grizzle 1920/1980 409/East/6
Cona Belle Grizzle 1921/Unknown 410/East/6
Oscar E. Walden (WWII) 1914/1979 411/East/6
Fred G. Walden 1922/1986 412/East/6
Doyle E. Lunsford 1912/1997 413/East/6
Ella Lunsford 1919/2000 414/East/6
Henry C. Miller 1924/1984 415/East/6
James D. Miller 1958/1974 416/East/6
Henry C. Miller (WWII) 1924/1984 417/East/6
James D. Miller 1958/1974 418/East/6
Ben Grizzle 1901/1982 419/East/6
Minnie Grizzle 1906/1993 420/East/6
Lawton Grizzle 1926/1979 421/East/6
Lois Grizzle 1931/1990 422/East/6
Charlie Lawton Grizzle (WWII) 1926/1979 423/East/6
Henry T. Grizzle 1895/1976 424/East/6
Fannie R. Grizzle 1893/1990 425/East/6
James E. Tucker 1922/2005 426/East/6
Bessie Grizzle Tucker 1921/Unknown 427/East/6
James Earl Tucker (WWII) 1922/2005 428/East/6
Gordon Anderson 1912/1979 429/East/6
Gordon Anderson (WWII) 1912/1979 430/East/6
Willie C. Hunsinger 1916/1986 431/East/7
Ruth N. Hunsinger 1920/Unknown 432/East/7
Ina Erwin Hunsinger 1891/1978 433/East/7
Cicero Doc Hunsinger 1892/1977 434/East/7
Lonnie D. Davis 1901/1995 435/East/7
Oma G. Davis 1903/1991 436/East/7
Pollie Leota Jarrard 1930/Unknown 437/East/7
Harold Dean Jarrard (WWII) 1926/1984 438/East/7
Hilda Elizabeth Jarrard 1951/1999 439/East/7
Alex Tyler Robinson (Inf) 1996/1996 440/East/7
Charlie Edward Robinson 1929/2001 441/East/7
Eva Belle Robinson 1933/1999 442/East/7
Robert Dylan Caldwell (Inf) July 31, 2000 443/East/7
Rubert Jarrard 1935/2005 444/East/7
Mary Lou Jarrard 1931/Unknown 445/East/7
Rubert Glad Jarrard (Vietnam) 1935/2005 446/East/7
R. Gooch No Dates 447/East/7
B. Gooch No Dates 448/East/7
John H. Jarrard 1924/2004 449/East/8
Johnnie L. Jack Jarrard 1950/1987 450/East/8
Zelma E. Jarrard 1923/Unknown 451/East/8
John Herbert Jarrard (WWII-PH-OLC) 1924/2004 452/East/8
Wiley Seabolt 1920/1986 453/East/8
Dorothy Seabolt 1944/Unknown 454/East/8
Manus Seabolt Unknown/1996 455/East/8
Ernest G. Caldwell 1941/2004 456/East/9
Glenda G. Caldwell 1944/Unknown 457/East/9
Walter F. Ridley 1934/2002 458/East/10
Daisy Rider Ridley 1949/Unknown 459/East/10
Verlyn Head 1942/Unknown 460/East/8
Betty Head 1942/Unknown 461/East/8
Taylor Grace Caldwell (Inf) 2001/2002 462/East/11